Sample Essay on FA6- Money & Happiness

Money and happiness are closely connected. That is because finances define how a person may feel. This is because human satisfaction results in happiness and most human needs are dependent on money. Personally, I become happy whenever I have money. This is because I can manage to meet my goals and enjoy life. Unlike in the past, present circumstances demand financial breakthroughs. For instance, if I am to travel, I need money to pay for the fuel. For me to eat and dress, I need money to cater for the expenses. For me to plan my future, I need some financial support as the basis of the strategies I am to implement for my future success. Therefore, the availability of money results in personal happiness.

Money and happiness are however independent in relation to my family. Family relations assist me in meeting my needs. Though, this does not imply that the availability of money makes my family ties stronger. If anything, the ties I have with my family dictate the strategies I make to earn money and ensure happiness. My family members can pay a visit and make me happy regardless of my financial status. The presence of my family makes us happy too irrespective of our financial position. The relationship with my family is similar to the findings by prominent psychologists, which affirm that providing support is not only beneficial to the receiver but to the giver too (Inagaki and Eisenberger, 2012: 3).

Happiness in connection to my relationship with my friends is mainly related to my financial status. This is because most friendly ties rely on the money a person has. I cannot go and meet my friends when I am financially low. This is because I will have to make calls first as well as tell them of my wish before I travel to meet them. At times, we meet as friends in public and share a meal together to become happy. Therefore, I cannot manage this when I am low on finances.

If I won the lottery, I would buy a modern house with a spacious compound and well-manicured lanes to accommodate my family and friends. I would thereafter procure a car with low fuel consumption for my traveling. The last thing I would do is invest in the real estate industry for my future. These three things would make me happy since I will have adequate accommodation for my family in the bio-house, while the vehicle will facilitate my movement around the town to meet friends who make me happy and visit places. Lastly, investing in real estate is a huge venture since it requires minimum individual attention and is very profitable.


Inagaki, K. Tristen and Naomi I. Eisenberger. (2012). “Neural Correlates of Giving Support to a

Loved One.” Psychosomatic Medicine 74: 3-7.