Sample Essay on Conceptualization

Question One

The Measure of America as an organization defines wellbeing as the ability to access proper education at the right age, quality healthcare, and mean gross income per capita that is capable of sustaining the population of the people in its country.

Question Two
     American Human Development Index is a mechanism developed by the United Nations to measure and rank the member state’s economic and social development performances divided into three sub-sections. They are: Health index which defines people’s life expectancy; Education Index is as a serious factor of long-term well-being of a person’s liberty, and self-reliance, and Income Index plays a major role in accessing basic needs like shelter, and food.
Question Three

In health, approximately sixteen percent of the citizens of America do not visit health facilities. However, US spends much in healthcare globally standing at two hundred and thirty US dollars, and ranked number twenty-four out of the thirty participating countries. Only fourteen percent of the population does not have basic education, while one third of the total population of the States accumulates much wealth to them. Moreover, one in five Americans lives in poverty. The males earn more than their female counterparts do.

Question Four

            Homelessness is one of the greatest domestic issues neglected in the measure of America. Most families, accounting to 1.35 million, have no place of residence. Issues of residence should be included as it is also a basis of life.

Question Five

            My Human Development Index is moderate (at 6.00 using well-o-meter quiz) since I have access to healthcare and education, but the economic and the standards of living are still low. In addition, the level of education has not met the set target while calculating the index.

Question Six

The zip code 90371, indicates that area has a high Development Index and highly contributes to the development of the United States.

Question Seven

            The information on the website is very accommodating; nevertheless, it does not include information on all the aspects of the human life.

Question Eight

            Well-being is the ability to meet all the aspects of life, both socially, physically, economically, and culturally. This is because they are the major determinants of human well-being that express their real and actual opportunities to assume whatever they desire.

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