Sample Essay on Bullying and Socialization


Many fresh students have always suffered from bullying by the mature students. Bullying is usually considered as the use of force to control or dominate over others. Those who bully others usually take advantage of their timidity or their state of being juniors or new at a particular place. All states of the world have always reported cases of bullying either in schools or at the places of work. This article discusses bullying and its relationship in the formal setting.

The culture of bullying usually grows and develops in any formal setting where people interact. The problems the world has experienced in the society can be traced back to the way adults in such societies were raised. Parents have contributed much in instilling bullying culture in the children. For example, the genocide in Rwanda did not such start overnight according to the video. The culture of hatred was instilled in Rwandese by their parents as they grew up. The parents of Hutus, for example, made their children view Tutsis as being unworthy. The children must have grown despising each other and at some point calling each other names or even fighting. A Tutsi child could take the toys of a neighbor’s child and destroy simply because he is a Hutu and vice versa. While parents watched, bullying was born and bred in the hearts of the children. The results of this were the massive killing that occurred in the year 1996.

A clear look at most wars and violence in our society always takes us back to how children were brought up. The children whose upbringing was spiced with violence and bullying usually tend to be violent when they become old. Most of them are not easy to relate with as they prefer war to societal coercion. For this reason, therefore, bullying has been spotted to be the rot that kills peaceful coexistence in the society.