Sample Dissertation Chapter Paper on Soci200 Replies

Reply to Randolph’s Post

The suggestion that sociology concerns the study of people, the society’s reactions to stimuli, and the approaches that societies deploy in life is interesting because it implies the existence of a context in the discipline. The discipline of sociology involves investigations of processes, relationships, causes and effects, and many other elements in the lives of societies and their members in the natural setting. The principal purpose and focus of sociology encompasses in-depth evaluations of the society and social behavior, including pertinent elements such as networks, institutions, organizations, structures, development, and origin(Giddens & Griffiths, 2006).

As a social science, the discipline of sociology employs critical enquiry and empirical investigation approaches to generate and improve a wealth of knowledge that can contribute to the improvement of the society and the wellbeing of members (Henslin et al, 2015).As created beings whom God instructed to subdue the world (Gen. 1: 26 New International Version), it is the responsibility of human beings to learn about their society and its processes in order to understand how to improve it and cooperate to promote the wellbeing of all citizens.

Reply to Balty’s Post

I concur with the assessment that the society’s constant evolvement presents the discipline of sociology with a pressing and continuous need to assess and reassess a multitude of factors in efforts to devise solutions for the society’s evolving challenges and enhance the wellbeing of citizens. Such pressure on sociology is especially substantial in the age of globalization, which enhances the extent, quality, and substance of interactions among cultures, and in effect cultural values, across the world. Sociology employs the approaches of observation and in-depth analysis to identify the effects and significance of various stimuli among society members (Giddens&Griffiths, 2006). This model in sociology matches with the Bible’s imploration for people to observe all things and acquire wisdom that they can apply not only to improve themselves but also contribute valuably to the society (Matthew 28:20).



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