Sample Discussion Conclusion Paper on Sociology

Conflict theories suggest that uneven distribution of resources, status and power between various groups in the society are the root causes of conflict and tension and that the conflicts have the ability to change the social status of the society.

Karl Marx is the pioneer of conflict theory whose focus was on what caused conflict and the effects it had between the bourgeoisie who were rich and the proletariat who were poor. The theory focuses on the implications the rise of capitalism had in Europe economically, socially and politically. Karl Marx suggested when socio-economic conditions worsened, the proletariat would then develop a class-consciousness which revealed how the bourgeoisie exploited them thus leading to them revolting and demanding change with the aim of smoothing the conflict. Marx suggested that for peace and stability to achieved changes should create a new system and incase the old systems were maintained, the conflict cycles would repeat Crossman, (2016).

I agree with Karl Marx that reforms have to be made for change to be achieved and maintained instead of sticking with the same systems resulting to a repeat of cycles. I also agree that in situations where the poor feel so much oppressed they fight back by seeking for fairness, which then ends the conflict. According to Common Dreams news by Jake Jackson, he says that according to Oxfam 1% of the high class own  wealth equal to the bottom 99% and even though there are reforms made that promised economic stability, some factors like the financial sector not changing delays the achievement of stability. This clearly shows that for stability to be achieved, maintained major reforms should be made, and no old system should be maintained.



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