Sample Creative Writing Paper on Post Secret Assignment

Question 1- Reflect on the assignment in general

The assignment was not difficult though it proved to be thought provoking as it required focus on interpreting the post cards.

Without indicating which post secret was yours, did you have a difficult time coming up with a contribution to this community-based art project?

I had no difficulties coming up with a contribution to the art project say for the part of making a postcard was somehow challenging as I thought how it would be hard to realize whose secret card was there on the wall. It was also a defining moment to reveal a secret that I have been hiding with no intent to share with anyone.

Question 2- After viewing the images, what themes emerge for you?

After viewing the three images, the following themes emerge: care, health, gender stereotype and solitude.

What is NOT present that you would have thought to have been included?

In the image with description “The pressure to be perfect” it would be good to show the face of the female character so that the viewer may see her facial expression; with the pressure mounting for her to live to the expectation.

On the image, ‘Boys will be boys’ is never an excuse is good. Though more explanation on what they are expected of could be better as boys are not bad and assaulting. For instance, “Boys will be boys” is never an excuse, for they can do better than that.

How does this reflect how we experience the “gender order”?

Connell (16) notes that the gender order signifies form of power sharing among masculinities and femininities that exist in the society and further notes that labor, power, and sexual relationships relate to form the gender order. Consequently, the images above reflect how we experience the gender order in society as they depict how differently we treat boys and girls; we also have different expectations about them and their capabilities. Goodrich (24) furthermore states that we assert varying social pressures toward them.

The image on “Dear John…” Show stereotypes on how emotionally women are when they show concern to men who are deemed as practical. Women do share openly their feeling compared to the men who do not share their feeling rather prefer to suffer in silence as a sign of strength.

Question 3: How do you feel about this accommodation?

The accommodation was a good to step towards saying no to such acts of sexual violence and informing society that this is an everyday problem that needed to be faced and addressed with urgency instead of suffering in silence. In addition, for the sake of victims, it was good to protect them against emotional and psychological torture as most would not like those cards strewed in the public. For the perpetrator, it was a warning for them to own up to making the mistakes.

Does it say something about our culture and how we deal with the everyday nature of gender violence?

Gender violence is aggression that targets an individual on the basis of his or her sexual characteristics. The violence is likely to occur due to disparity in genders, discrimination, and oppression. Hence, it is not safe to say that gender violence affects only women and girls rather even men and boys are at risk depending on their vulnerability.

Most abused women do report such assault while men prefer to suffer in silence in fear of what the people will say and also to protect their dominance or fear seeing their extended family knowing they are being assaulted.

Gender violence mostly reflects our cultural norms and practices that place more value in the traditions at the expense of the victim. For instance, women have to endure battering to keep the family united at expense of their wellbeing. Men have failed to help in eliminating violence against women. The society has accelerated the problem by not acting whenever they see such violence.

Most victims’ lacks means and support to seek help coupled with lack of legal law mechanism to protect the victims in gender based violence. This has left most vulnerable and unwilling to share the truth for fear of victimization.

Question 4: Finally, relate this project to one of my favorite quotes by Clark Kerr: The goal of the university is to make students safe for ideas, not ideas safe for students.

The above quote emphasize on freedom of accommodating divergent views or ideas, without idea manipulating you. Instead, you are the one to influence it with sober approach in making decision. Thus, accommodating the cards that were labeled as ‘sexual assault’ was a good idea, to house the divergent post cards even if they were deemed offensive. The public was capable of identifying and judging what was good and bad than discarding the cards whose owner wanted to reach out to the art project.

It was not the task of the student to choose which postcard was good or to give his thought on the kind of card they were expected to make in the community art project, or the cards that would not harm. Rather it was upon the individual to come up with the idea on how to make the post cards and the decision rest on individual in the end. Hence showing the public the sexual assault images the student believes that they will decide whether to view or not and question such acts whether they have been addressed and the victims got justice.

It is therefore advisable to be tolerant of divergent views and opinions though final discretion rest on us, as the idea or opinion should not influence our decision making rather it should help us to realize a better one.