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Sample Creative Writing Paper on Introduction to Women Studies

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Sample Creative Writing Paper on Introduction to Women Studies


The world today is dynamic, embracing different races, opinion cultures, sexual orientation, and trans-genderism. The interaction of the masculine and feminine nowadays are restricted to these spheres of thinking with the constitution and human rights activists worldwide toiling to push for the rights of every individual devoid of race, gender, sexuality, or way of life. In view of this, the most misconstrued words are gender and sex, which this paper aims to clarify.

The masculine rights have been ignored due to a sudden explosion of the culture of promoting the rights of femininity, regardless of the demerits that this poses to the male. This paper aims to meticulously address the situations that occur in a well-ordered society giving clarity to the often-misrepresented sentiments and ascertaining facts in view of the subject in question.

Q.1 what is the difference between sex and gender? Introduction to Women’s Studies students, and arguably the general population, tend to treat these two concepts as the same; scholarly literature argues otherwise. 

            Sex and gender have been assumed to have the same meanings by many people, however, this is not entirely true. Sex refers to the genetic make-up of being either male or female or referring to the chromosomal buildup, which includes the internal and external sex organs, and the hormonal profiles. Gender on the other hand, refers to how a society refers to the aspect of being feminine or masculine. Different societies have different ways of viewing the male and the female based on gender roles and social make up. It is thus a mistake to argue that both concepts, that is, gender and sex are the same thing (Connell, 2005, P. 17). One is a perception (gender) while the other, sex, is entirely based on the genetic make-up of an individual, which is both a visual and scientific fact.

            According to Kinsey, human sexuality should be allowed as a practice and not be shunned off. As a young man, Kinsey punished himself by inserting objects into his urethra, including pens, toothbrushes, and even pencils. He encouraged people to practice different forms of sex including his staff and volunteers until they felt satisfied with it. Kinsey’s works helped in the sexual liberation exercise, he insisted that clitoral orgasms in women were no greater than vaginal orgasms. Kinsey was a homosexual and he despised this for many years about himself.

            Sexuality is an individual’s right, whatever the outcomes only the Almighty has the right to judge. However, it is improper to introduce individuals to a form of sexuality that keeps them glued. Kinsey had no fault in his practices and research provided it was in accordance with the law. Nevertheless, narrowing down to human morality, Kinsey’s practice of encouraging having different sexual interactions with members of staff and volunteers was overboard. Such an act sounds like exceeding the limits and encouraging prostitution and other forms of social evils. Every individual has a right to exercise his or her sexuality but not spread influence to a single form of sexual orientation.

Q.2 Introduction to Women’s Studies course textbooks often focus on the social construction of femininity. This is important. However, as the publishers, we would like to give special attention to the social construction of masculinity, too. How are men too constrained by narrow frameworks of masculinity?  How is this discussion particularly important for men of color?

            Moreover, the study of femininity is vital in providing information on the construction of femininity and social construction of femininity, this, however, shuns off the study of social construction of masculinity. For decades, the women have been regarded as the weaker species that are dependent on men for provision, protection, and shelter just to name a few. This has seen to the proliferation of various human rights activists aiming to protect and defend the rights of women towards affecting a society, which has gender balance (Judith, 1994, P.203). Judith likens talking about gender to fish talking about water, meaning it is a topic people are so used to talking about. However, women should not be exploited by being regarded as workers. They should be respected by men and regarded as equals.

These kinds of movements have made men to be the endangered species in that, their interests are less served with the rights of women taking center stage. Narrow frameworks of masculinity demerits men because it taints their representation as less vital and make them seem as beings who can best take care of self without representation. This kind of a social construction creates imparity between femininity and masculinity.

The most affected by these kind of a social set up are the colored men. This is because the colored man’s rights are overtaken by the women rights and freedoms. They are left standing solo aiming to address their toils alone and make their own paths for parity. The gender imbalance and inequality in the society that the law seeks to address is once more restored in form of negligence of the rights of the colored man (, 2015).It is up to the various organizations that aim to promote balance in the society to come up and boldly defend the right of each individual devoid of gender or sex.

Q.3 Sexual orientation is often framed on a binary-gay OR straight; homosexual OR heterosexual. Why can sexual orientation be thought of as a continuum? 

Sexual orientation refers to the degree of attraction to persons of the same or different gender. In most instances, sexual orientation is categorized into gay, straight, heterosexual, or homosexual, or transgender. These sexual orientations have been accepted by the constitutions of most economies, for example the United States of America, devoid of criticism or judgment. However, sexual orientation cannot be considered a continuum because it is precise and subject to the taste and preferences of an individual. It is an argument that is subjective as opposed to objective. Either way, women have to be empowered in the society.  In the book, “Modern History Sourcebook: Sojourner Truth” the narrator proclaims, “look at me! Look at my arm! I have ploughed and planted, and gathered into barns, and no man could head me! And ain’t I a woman?”(Paul, 1851, P.534). This emphasizes the fact that what a man can do a woman can also do. Therefore, regardless of muscular power, women are equal to men, so all gender is equal whether male or female (Kelly, Suzanne, Parameswaran, & Schniedewind, 2012, P.29).

Q.4 what are some of challenges that transgendered people and their families are experiencing? How does Laverne Cox’s experience and activism contribute to the transgenderism movement? 

            Transgender is a state in which an individual’s gender fails to match the assigned gender and is usually independent of sexual orientation. Individuals with the transgender sexual orientation undergo a variety of challenges, more often at times, their families are discriminated and in some societies where matters of sex are not a constitutional mandate and not synchronized within the constitution, such individuals are shunned off by friends and family (Cox, 2015). As a result of such oppression, the transgender individuals fail to come out in the open to declare their sexual orientation, but opt to stay quiet suffering silently for the fear of discrimination and untold torture. In the book “A Fabulous Child’s Story by Luois Gould, the narrator says, “

Ms. And Mr. Jones had to be extra careful about how they played with little X. They knew that if they kept bouncing it up in the air and saying how strong and active it was, they would be treating it more like a boy than an X. But if all they did was cuddle it and kiss it and tell it how sweet and dainty it was, they’d be treating it more like a girl than an X” (Gould, 1978, P.1). This shows the identity crisis in transgender children.

            Laverne Cox is a transgender activist; she is of the opinion that transgender people need more than just media visibility. Her experience makes the society understand the need for justice in the society and human rights. This emphasizes the need for the society to accept transgender people devoid of oppression or discrimination. It is high time; transgender individuals got recognized and accepted for who they are because they are humans like everyone else.


            Gender and sexuality are the most discussed topics in the world today. This hails from the fact that the make-up of the universe is centered on the male and female and the interaction between them results into the happenings in the globe. It is high time human beings stopped playing God and cut loose their professed righteousness-judging individuals with specific sexual orientations. Every individual has a freedom of choice and sexual orientation. The transgender individuals ought to be treated equally as others are and be given their rights as should be. The questions raised about gender and sex reveals that gender refers to a societal perception of femininity or masculinity while sex refers to the chromosomal build up and hormone composition of an individual.

















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Sample Creative Writing Paper on Introduction to Women Studies

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Sample Creative Writing Paper on Introduction to Women Studies

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Sample Creative Writing Paper on Introduction to Women Studies

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