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Many organizations across the globe are facing an ever increasing challengeof the marketplace pressure. Consequently, many organizations have embarked on embracing project management to address the challenges.A project constitutes of designed activities for achieving set tasks and objectives within a defined time frame that can range from day to years. Projects can be simple or complicated (Truss & Mankin 2013). Similarly, funding a project can cost hundreds to millions of dollars. Completing a project is based on laid down strategies described in a work break down structure. A project is ingrained in defined stages and has designated resources.

Against this background, this project will be premised on building a house for international clients. The major purpose for building a house for international clients’ project will be to enhance customer goodwill and satisfaction. Completion of the project is meant to promote client experience that is second to none in the industry.

In order to realize the project objectives, outsourcing of construction experts will be done. As explained by Plessis (2014), project management is premised on quality control aligned to the project objectives. Successful projects are divided into stages that are manageable and those that can be controlled. Based on these assertions, the present project will employ a structured project management methodology. Conceptualization and effective project management strategies will be embraced to ensure successful implementation of the present project, building a house for international clients.

2.0 Conceptualism

Addressing issues of constraints of time, project cost and specifications is critical in attaining a successful project.

2.1 Project Cost

            Before the project,building a house for international clients, kicks off the project manager will budget for the cost that will be incurred for the project activities


Deliverables/Milestone/Phase Resource Cost
Outsourcing construction materials External consultant $125000
Outsourcing construction experts External consultant $20000
Meetings Documentation and Refreshment $5000
                                                                                Total $50000


2.2 Time

Gantt chart

In order to ensure that the whole project is implemented within schedule, project activities will be sub-divided based on time. Monitoring of the activities will be done to ensure that accomplished within schedule.

2.3 Constraints

The fair work Act stipulates the working hours (Knutson & Bitz 2014). The guidelines will be a hindering factor for the outsourced personnel to conduct construction services over the weekend. In addition, according to company’s code of regulation, workers are restricted to working for 45 hours a week. Consequently,building a house for international clients’ project will take longer construction period for full implementation to be attained.

3.0 Project Management Strategies

An elaborate team structure and management style of the project team will be embraced to ensure that the project deliverables are implemented within schedule.  Notably, theimportance diversity in an international project team will be of critical in ensuring the success of this project. 3.1Effects of Diversity in an International Project Team

Diversity is the recognition, acknowledgement and acceptance of individual differences among people of different races, gender, and ethnicity. Projects that have embraced diversity during implementation have realized increased productivity. Input from stakeholders of different background has been cited to exponentially contribute towards the success of projects (Truss & Mankin 2013).

Similarly, embracing diversity in international project teams has been found to yield increased project creativity and problem solving that may arise during project implementation.Encompassingvariety and diverse minds is important in generating ideas to solve project implementation challenges and ease decision making. Consequently, building a house for international clients’ project will embrace diverse people in order to enhance successful implementation of the project deliverables.

3.2 Team Structure

The team structure will constitute of the project stakeholders that include: project manager, the project client, project sponsor, and the Operations general manager. In order to attainsuccessful implementation of the project objectives, all stakeholders will be required to work in harmony.

Name Work area Stakeholder type (Client, end user) Impact on/by project, requirements, success criteria
Willow Brook Company Working with the board of directors to oversee running of project.  

Project client

Setting strategic directions.

Managing risks.

Willow Brook Company Working with the board of directors to oversee running of project.  

Project sponsor


Has a duty of funding the project to be implemented.



Vicy James

Oversees daily operations of the project.


Project manager


Collects suggestions and gives feedback for the efficient running of the project.



Capability building            Willow brook school staff. Operations manager Co-ordinates project activities alongside project manager.

All stakeholders will be informed about the legal and ethical obligations that are crucial during project implementationwith regard to WHS. In addition, the stakeholders will be required to apply the company’s code of conduct while executing their duties and project obligations.

The project client will be required to work with the board of directors to oversee successful running of the project activities.Additionally, the project client will play a critical role in setting strategic directions and managing risks. Weekly communication will be embraced in order to ensure early detection of impending project challenges and facilitate timely resolution.

Further, in order to engage and manage all stakeholders so as realize timely realization of  project objectives, the project manager will be required to ensure that the budget is in place and make supplementary budgetary appropriations to ensure that the project does not stall due to delay or insufficient funds. It will be the duty of the project manager to collect suggestions and give weekly feedback regarding the progress of the project. As elucidated by Knutson & Bitz (2014), in successful projectsall stakeholders have to work as a team.

3.3 Management Strategy

The project manager will be required to monitor the progress of the project activities closely.A strategy that facilitates the project manager to monitor the operational progress of the project will be critical. Effective strategies will enable the project manager to identify ways in which planning and project operations can be improved.

P-O-L-C Strategy

The project manager will embrace P-O-L-C strategy in the management of the building a house for international clients project. In this strategy, communication and decision making among stakeholders will be advocated.The P-O-L-C management strategy will enable the project manager plan and envision how the project deliverables will be attained within schedule. Since the strategy incorporates planning, networking, leadership, and the control system approaches, the project manager will utilize these aspects during implementation of the project to facilitate its success.

Further, ingrained in the P-O-L-C strategy, the project manager will preside over the process of monitoring the project’s systems and operations by ensuring suggestions regarding the project are given, feedback collection, and analysis done. All the project activities will be tracked and evaluated on a regularly in formal review discussions.

3.4 Communication Strategy

Communication to the stakeholders regarding the project progress is fundamental towards realizing the project success. In addition, collecting suggestions and giving feedback on a weekly basis to stakeholders is crucial for effective implementation, evaluation, and monitoring(Truss & Mankin 2013). Before commencing on the building a house for international clients’ project, a meeting with all the stakeholders will be executed. The meeting will be critical in gathering necessary information necessary for the initiation of the project. In this initial meeting, the project manager will alert other stakeholders regarding the scope of the project and seek buy in.

Sponsor and project manager meetings will be done monthly. This will be conducted so as to update the sponsor on the progress of thebuilding a house for international clients project and further discuss critical issues that entail challenges facing the progress of the project. Additionally, the meetings will also be aimed at seeking approval for changes to thebuilding a house for international clients project plan when need arises. Once the implementation of the project activitieskicks-off their progress will be monitored regularly. Effective co-ordination of building a house for international clients’ projectactivities will foster continuous improvement and realization of the project deliverables within schedule

3.5 Mentoring, Coaching, and Instruction of Team Members

Effective project administration and monitoring is ingrained in mentoring, coaching, and support of the project team members with regard to their specific roles. The support will ensure the quality of the projected building a house for international clients project outcome in addition to attaining documented time frames (Plessis 2014)

Building a house for international clients’project team stakeholders will be encouraged and motivated to work towards the implementation of the project. Performance and insights towards achieving project deliverableswere be emphasized by the project manager.Constant feedback to team members has been cited to have an immense contribution towards successful project administration and monitoring.

3.6 Access to Resources

Building a house for international clients’ project manager will be required to assignduties and responsibilities to the staff skills based on skills. Construction expertswill be outsourced through contracting. Similarly, construction materials will be outsourced reputable companies.

4.0 Conclusion

This project was premised on building a house for international clients.It was established that effective implementation of building a house for international clients’projectwill require integration of all stakeholders’ efforts. Notably, budget preparation and release of funds will be crucial for effective project implementation. In addition, collection suggestions forbuilding a house for international clients’project and feedback giving were also found central in ensuring effective project progress and monitoring.

Strategies for the project management will be aligned to project activities and regularly tracked to ensure that all stakeholders are involved in project planning and implementation.Importantly, this study concludes that all project stakeholders should be involved in the project implementation. A structured project management methodologywas also found critical in facilitatingthe project administration and monitoring.Further it was found to aid in answering the questions whether project activities are progressing as planned.

It was also established that management strategies will enable the project manager to monitor and evaluate the project progress in terms of time frame, money, and quality. Additionally, embracing structured strategies of project management will be crucial in ensuring that project deliverables are successfully realized within the project schedule.


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