Sample Coursework Paper on how the Internet has Changed the Face of Crime?

  • The internet provides criminals and organizations with a platform of committing new types of crimes and adopting new methods of committing traditional crimes.
  • The introduction and popularity of the internet continues to provide terrorist groups and other criminal organizations with platform of exploiting the internet in all aspects of their operations.
  • To ensure a reduction in the threat posed by terrorist activities, countries must develop an integrated transnational strategy because most of the crimes often or originate attacking units in different countries making the process of tracking perpetrators relatively difficult.
  • The internet has popularized the eruption of child pornography due to the ability of criminal organizations to navigate security measures and this raises censorship and privacy issues, which continue to facilitate the production and distribution of images portraying the sexual abuse of children.
  • The rise of cybercrimes threatens the existence of international security. There is a challenge in the management of risks to achieve maximum benefits flowing from the technology while minimizing the threats arising from cybercrimes.
  • Security related threats arise because of the decision by organizations to adopt reactive rather than proactive approaches to internet security. These results in a vulnerable security system evaluated after attacks that are more expensive.
  • The internet through social networking sites continue to develop creating fear among organizations and individuals that they cannot keep up with the existing technological trends.
  • Schools have been required to adopt policies on cyber bullying and online harassment to ensure that they are vigilant and safeguarding against the threat of internet crimes.
  • Constant changes in technology necessitate organizations to increase and improve on their understanding of existing technology and develop relevant crime mitigation strategies.