Sample Book Review Paper on Immigration issues

Everybody considers America the land of opportunity. The main problem with this notion, however, relies on tough immigration as a Mexican who recently lost his job, moving to America to find a dream job will be the ultimate thing to do. It would be in order to move into the United States illegally because other illegal immigrants have made it there. It will also be possible to fit in with the few Latin Americans found in almost all the states. The pros to consider while deciding to cross the border includes a proper family to stay with, how to evade tight immigration laws, which state to settle in and where to begin life from. Thus, should one look for a job or enroll in a college?

The negative factor that must be considered while entering the US illegally include a high possibility of being caught by border officers, being deported once in the country and the hardship of getting a well paying job due to lack of proper documents. The hostility of the people around is something a person has to learn to deal with from different dimensions.

Workers’ centers are community-based institutions that help immigrants in low-paying jobs. They do this through advocacy and rendering services to low paid workers in the country. They also fight for the rights of immigrants in low wage occupations. The nature of work done in the workers centers is enough to give them the ability to revitalize the labor movement and in time make them as beneficial to workers as unions. The wage theft crisis violates human rights and should be properly monitored and prosecuted in courts. The workers’ centers do their best in fighting wage theft crisis, even though they have few resources t do so. It is important for them to get support from the government because even the least paid immigrants add to the revenue of the country.