Sample Term Paper on Social Problem

Social problems are generally those problems that are likely to interfere with the normal livelihood in the family or society. Some of the common social problems experienced include poverty, some sexually transmitted infections, drug abuse especially in the United States where drugs passes through the Mexican border, abuse of alcohol, natural disasters like the tsunami and hurricanes, unemployment and all other problems that cause severe and extensive damage to the society. It is the responsibility of the government and licensed social groups to highlight and protect the society from these social problems.

Social problem from the word problem is a situation or a circumstance that may give rise to unfavorable results for large groups of people or family. This means that the particular problem will need to be solved urgently to bring the people back to comfortable humane conditions.  A condition only becomes a social problem if its effects are likely to affect a large group of people and their living. There were important elements and problems that characterized the society like poverty, inequality and other societal ills that needed to be eliminated (Khalid 46).

The social problem can be traced back to the time the problem was known to interfere or affect a society and needed urgent resolution. A social problem therefore has to be vetted through different stages for it to be declared a problem. This, therefore, means that a problem must come up and claim it is raised for its resolution to its mass effects.

Once the problem has been identified and various social groups consider it so, the issue is taken before a legitimate authority like the government, which shall have the mandate of resolving it. The legitimacy of the problem is paramount. This is a precondition for the government to deem it worthy of action. There has always been agitation by social groups and too many expectations from the government in addressing certain social problems. The social groups will always press the government to act further in solving these problems.

The government has tried to attend to several social problems that face society. Obama’s presidency has tried to put up mechanisms that are intended to facilitate the resolution of the problems. Education is very important in that the young people are empowered and are able to compete in the job market and therefore eliminating some of the problems. Families are also very important in providing guidance to young people. Parents should exercise a sense of responsibility for their children up to their times of maturity.

The conflict theory focuses on the nature of the society characterized by inequality and contradictions. The problem therefore arises when others seem better off than others. The symbolic interractionism looks at the complex nature of the society and how a problem is conceived when the society deems it a problem (Spector and Kitsuse 60).

Several solutions to social problems must be availed to the society.  Education is very important and should be made available to everybody. Education empowers and helps eliminate inequality and unemployment. Alcohol and substance abuse should be eliminated among the young generation. In the United States, substance abuse has contributed immensely to several social problems being experienced. Investing in technology will also solve a myriad of social problems.

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