Sample Paper on Health and Mental Health Policy and Programs

Question to consider before new public funds for health care is made available for the online treatment alternatives such as RAINN includes;
  1. What are the benefits of the online treatment alternatives?
  2. Is the online treatment alternative reliable and valid for the target population?
  1. Is the treatment alternative easily accessible to the target population?
  2. Has the diagnostic approach been used before?
            Considerations Regarding Access to Treatment

In executing the online treatment methods, it is important that the implementers consider its accessibility to the target group in terms of its ability to simplify communication, identify, and describe complex conditions. This can be attained through the help of trained doctors in executing the appropriate treatment (Bope & Kellerman, 2013). The system should be in a position to indentify the symptoms of mental illnesses, which may include hearing voices, delusions, mania, and hallucinations. The system should be able to cater for individuals suffering from schizo-affective disorder, manic depression and schizophrenia. The online mental health services include e-therapy, counseling, e-mail and internet based therapy.

It is also important that the validity of the online treatment mechanism is determined in terms of its ability to predict new behaviors and observations. This is particularly useful in determining the treatment mechanism that is appropriate for a particular condition (McPhee, Papadakis, & Rabow, 2014). This process can further be accelerated through the use of statistical techniques in analyzing the psychotic experience of the different individuals.


The high rate of internet accessibility that has been facilitated by the low cost of electronics making them easily accessible presents a great opportunity for health professionals. It is due to this reason that the provision of online mental health services as more effective as compared to the traditional form of treatment. The incorporation of the two form of treatment leads to the attainment of better results with regard to the treatment of mental illnesses.


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