Sample Paper on Family Care Giving Reflections

It is a difficult decision to care for the older beloved relatives who are in need of personal and family care and love (Winokur & Kashi, 2008). For Julie and her husband, they chose family support and unity over family comfort for the sake of Herbie. In case I was in a similar situation, I would be stressed and strained, as both my father and the family need intimate relationship and my continuous presence. It is a tiresome and sacrificial task that the family has to assist me to overcome psychologically. In such situations, I would emotionally become drained in the absence of sustenance from the spouse.

I have several significant people in my life who would appreciate if I had in intimate relationship with them especially in times of health challenges. In case I would be faced with such care needs, I would weigh the option of either taking them to a closer home care where I can continually visit them or bring them to my home. I would have to make a difficult decision of moving one family to the other, just like Winokur (Winokur & Kashi, 2008). After weighing the options of either moving my father or my family, I would choose the more convenient choice for me. It is otherwise a mentally challenging situation, which needs understanding of a spouse and those of the children. If the cost and the needs of maintaining my beloved in the home care surpasses my ability, I would then opt to bring them at home and live with them for the sake of my job. This is because economic stability is a major determinant on the kind of help the beloved is to obtain.

Family and friends support are paramount in such cases as they offer psychological pillar for the caregiver. I would also appreciate financial support as it determines the family status I would offer my family. Financial support would be inadequate in such events since all these are major expenses requiring stable income. No cultural beliefs would influence my perspective on offering care to my beloved.



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