Sample Essay on Trainings at Parenting Time for Supervised Visitation


The activities carried out within two weeks in the agency comprised of offering facilitation services to the co-workers, which equipped them with new skills and methods of providing exceptional services to clients. The administration was another activity, which involved receiving more clients that required the agency services, explaining to them the benefits of supervised visitation services that will be offered. It also included checking out whether everything is running on well at the facility as well as finding out recent issues that affected running of the agency. Finally, evaluating the progress of the project was another significant activity, it involved contacting clients to request for feedback on the kind of services they received, issuing out questionnaires to clients where a number of evaluation questions were provided, surveys were also conducted to seek more information that would help evaluate the performance of supervised visitation project.

Adult mental aids Training at Deaconess Hospital

The training was about some mental disorders, such as depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, and their symptoms. The training also explained various ways of dealing with mental disorders when they arise in some situations.


This is a mental disorder where patients have problems with feelings or their current psychological state. The affected person may have extreme feelings of sadness, anger, discouragement, or hopelessness. These feelings have high chances of affecting the normal thinking or actions taken by a person. Some of the depressed individuals may at times try to harm themselves or injure others. The affected persons may also possess symptoms like difficulties in concentrating, low energy, and changes in body weights. This category of mental disorder should be dealt with through medications, therapy, and inpatient treatment.


Anxiety is a problem that exists when a person worries to an extent that the worrying makes it impossible for him/her to carry out normal activities in the daily living. Anxiety can cause sleep disorders, stomachaches, headaches, confusion, memory problems, pains in other parts of the body, and shortness of breath. Addressing anxiety could be through medicaments, therapy, and desensitization of the patient.


The patients have trouble in thinking processes in this mental illness. The schizophrenia symptoms include delusions, withdrawal from people, and hallucinations. This state also affects the manner in which individuals concentrate on their personal hygiene and the way they relate with others.

The Benefits of the Training

The training is important to the supervisors of the visitations. They are in a position to identify whether the mental status may interfere with the normal interaction of the parent to the children during the scheduled visits. Secondly, the supervisor can be in a position to determine whether children are endangered or upset over the parental behavior, emotional response or impaired thinking. Being aware of the potential dangers would assist to determine whether the visit should take place as scheduled.

Training on Human Trafficking Meth, sex

The training was good in explaining the trade of drugs, such as meth cocaine, which are used to increase sexual desires leading to addictions. The business of human trafficking, though illegal, has continuously increased. Young girls are the most targeted victims, and are used to post pictures and engage in sexual intercourse for money. These trades make super-profits to the owners illegally. In both cases, the victims are manipulated, lied to, and brainwashed for them to take part in the industries.

The Benefits of the Training

The training is important since it increases the personal esteems as the victims are the individuals who are children running away from their abusive families. The other victims are the lost girls, standing around bus stops, hanging out by runaway youth shelters, or advertised online. This knowledge helps in educating children on the need to develop a sense of self-worth, avoid feelings of hopelessness, and sadness. The knowledge helps children to avoid being victimized in such a business.