Sample Essay on My Self-Evaluation

Part 1: Genogram

People might come together to pursue a common interest but when we look at our inner self we realize that we are all different. The difference could be because of the values we believe in or our background. Another factor contributing to the difference could be the environment we are brought up in and the people responsible for the up-bringing. This document is an analysis of myself which attempts to explain what makes me different from others.

My family’s three generational genogram

Paternal grandparents.                                                   Maternal grandparents.



Male                  Female                    Me                 Deceased



Events that caused a shift in my family’s structure

The above is a three generational genogram of my family from my grandparents to their grandchildren (us).  There has been a shift in the structure of my family because of some factors that could have been controlled as well as others which could not be controlled like death. My grandparents played an important role in keeping my family intact especially my maternal grandmother who was the rock of the family. Her death therefore meant that her voice of reason was also gone leaving the family vulnerable. The passing of my maternal grandmother also meant that my grandfather had to marry and this changed or created a shift in the family structure. My paternal grandmother also passed away leaving my grandfather, John, behind. The deaths of my two grandmothers is therefore the major cause of the shifts of my family structure.

Interactional/communication patterns of my current nuclear family, and any intergenerational issues identified

In my current nuclear family the communication varies between siblings and parents. The way I talk to my sister for example is different with how the communication is between me and my parents. The interaction is however, very informal irrespective of the person one is talking to even though much respect is inculcated irrespective of the age. We use verbal communication most of the time. Whenever there is an issue which requires the contribution of all family members then we sit and talk about it to reach a unanimous conclusion. The way we talk as siblings is however different how we talk as siblings. For example the use of social media to communicate which involves the use of different communication elements such as emoji which we do not use to talk to our parents.

In most cases when our parents want to inform us about something that they agreed on together, in most cases it is our mother who conveys the massage to us and that means she takes back the feedback should there be any to our dad.

Discuss what you learned about yourself and family from completing the genogram any changes you will make as a result of knowing what you now know.

From the genogram I understand why I value family very much. When I look at my grandparents then I realize that their families were very tight until the time one of them passed on. It therefore makes me know where this desire to one day have a perfect family comes from. It also explain my belief in God as religion has always been a valuable aspect of my family. From what I know, I will be a strong woman for my family to always be there to hold it together even through hard times. Initially I thought this was the work of the man or the husband but now I know better and I am ready to change that mentality.


Part 2

The groups with which the student identifies

Due to my shyness and the fact that I am an introvert I don’t identify myself with a lot of groups but this however, does not mean that I am a social person. The first group I identify with is my family. Among my family members, I feel complete and very comfortable. I also identify with the religious group. My belief in God is strong and this makes me feel that those who have the same belief are also like a second family to me.

Values and beliefs in order of priority

I have always thought of myself as unique because of my distinct values and beliefs which to others may not bear meaning at all. It is also ironical how the ones I value the most might the least valued by others, however, they are still what makes me unique as a person.

  1. Belief God

I do not only believe in God but also the fact that he has the power to change our destiny. There are people however, who do not believe in his existence even though this is still my most valued belief.

  1. Family

Ever since I can remember I have always admired and cherished my family. Over time as I have grown older then I started visualizing my own family and how nice it would be to have one of my own one day. My belief and desire to have a family might also not be important to others but I think it does not have to be that way otherwise we all would be the same. As I have also learnt from the genogram family has been valued in my linage and ensure the continuity of the trend.

  1. Happiness

I believe that the ultimate goal of doing anything is to attain inner happiness. This also makes happiness one of my dearest values. I believe that a person can own the whole world but without happiness all that will mean nothing. Happiness to me is found in the things that we really desire, the things that make us complete, for example according to me, a happy family would bring me happiness.

Whether or not values and beliefs are consistent with that of student’s family

My values and beliefs are very consistent with that of my family. We all believe in the existence of God who is responsible for our well being as well as that of our destiny. My primary socialization is therefore the reason I hold the beliefs and values I have today. We also believe in happiness as the ultimate goal of human life. Anything that makes a person happy is what is most important in life and we have always been one happy family because of this.

How well does student adhere to the identified values and beliefs

I hold my values and beliefs very dearly and I have to thank myfamily for the part they have played to ensure that my view of the family does not change. They have achieved this by organizing holidays and maintaining harmony in the family. I believe in being happy and also making the people around me happy as well. Whenever I interact with people, whether fellow students, friends, family members or church members then I always aim at impacting positively on their lives. I hold religion as a very important aspect of my life and I go to church to gain spiritual nourishment.

The person with whom student has the most in common, whether family or friend.

I identify most with my mother and sister. My mother has always been there for me whenever I needed advice and encouragement. Sometimes what we need is someone to give us hope and the will to continue living and to me that person has always been my mother. I also have a lot in common with my sister. We have been very close and we share a lot. This is because she is the only sibling I have similar opinions concerning life in general. She also understands me more than anyone in my family. We also do many things like, shopping, going to church and helping our mother with house chores during holidays.

Professional goals

My professional goals include being able to change the world through the knowledge I have acquired over the years. It has always been my dream to touch as many lives as I can and I believe the best way is to do so through my profession. I would like to be promoted to the highest attainable level i.e. management. I would like to become a renowned social worker in a medical school and also enjoy my work as much as I can. Just like I said, I believe in happiness in whatever you do so I believe if I enjoy my work then it will translate into a happier life and creating happiness for other people as well.

Personal goals

I would like to have a perfect family even though I know perfection is an impossibility. I would like to start a family and raise my kids in the best way I know how. I would also like to work hard and one day, own my dream house. I always want to keep God first in everything that I do because I believe he is the one who has guided my steps to the far I have reached and I believe keeping this relationship tighter will help me attain my other goals. I want to have a good job and be able to enjoy that job as much as I can. Due to my ambitious nature I believe I will work hard to reach incredible heights af educational success. I want to prosper in my education so that I can have my dream job. For all this to happen then I believe God has to be first always.

Vision of where student anticipates he/she will be eight years from now

Eight years from now I see myself happily married with honorary certificates on my wall, two kids and running my own business or organization. I also see myself happily living in a nice home by the hillside. I also see myself having impacted positively in a lot of people’s lives. By then I would have enjoyed a successful career as a social worker in a medical school where I intend to enjoy my career as much as I can.

Summary of what was learned and from both parts of the assignment and the class thus far with regard to his/her identity. 

I have learned that I am unique and so is everybody else. I have also learned to appreciate diversity. We are different and that is what makes life beautiful, I try to imagine how life would be if we were all the same. I have also learned a lot about my family and why the relationships that exist are the way they are. This has also helped me appreciate my past and I think it has helped me understand myself better.


Summarize philosophy of life

My philosophy of life would be that people ought to do what they can to be happy. They should try all they have the power to do to be happy and leave that which they can’t to fate and for those like me who believe in God leave it to him. It is the responsibility of one’s self to be happy. Throughout this paper I have dwelled much in happiness because I feel that is the most important thing in life. When we live a life of happiness then one day when we get old or on our death beds then there would be very little to worry about. So for someone to have a life without regrets then they should do the things that are good for their soul and leave what they cannot to God.