Sample Essay on My Personal Statement

My passion for child welfare began after finishing high school, while working at a voluntary alcohol and drug abuse clinic for young adults. The clinic acted as a treatment center, as well as a rehabilitation and counseling center for alcohol and drug abuse victims. During this period, I interacted with several young people aged between 15 and 27 years. However, one key aspect that I noted was the number of single mothers whose children seemed distraught, frightened, and despaired whenever they visited their parents admitted to the clinic for either treatment or rehabilitation. After inquiring about the welfare of the children, one of nurses at the clinic informed me that they were taken to foster homes once child support services assessed the capability of the single mother to become a parent to the child. If she failed, the child would be given off to the mother’s kin, or taken to a foster.

These children often seemed sad and unwilling to leave their parent despite their poor health and incapacity to raise them. This instilled in me a need to help these children find newer homes, as well as counsel them so that they can understand and handle the harsh life they have been exposed to at an early age. Additionally, counseling and helping these mothers change their norms and stop using drugs was also an ideology I had since helping these young mothers as young as 16 years, would have a positive effect on their children lives and welfare.

This experience was the building block for my passion in pursuing a career in social work and child welfare. I believe that my caring attitude, love for children, ability to work in harsh social work conditions, and my hard work would be essential skills when engaged in my career of choice. Additionally, I have a passion for completing work efficiently, effectively, and wholly, which would be vital when dealing with children whose growth is ongoing and hence require constant care over prolonged periods.

However, in spite of these positive qualities, there are other qualities that I possess, which I believe could become a deterrent in my execution of my tasks, duties, and responsibilities as a child welfare social worker. My open-minded nature when dealing with people usually results in my becoming emotionally attached to the victims since I end up understanding their frustrations, anger, and problems they face in life. This usually increases my zeal to help a particular person using all available resources and methodologies to ensure that sanity, comfort, and normality return to their lives. To ensure that I do not overstep on my mandate, I often have a system of checks and balances to act as a measure of my attachment to a particular situation or victim to avoid mishandling my personal work or life.

If a qualified for the child welfare traineeship, I would utilize the opportunity to further my professional knowledge and skills to suit that of an efficient and productive social worker for child welfare. The stipend received during this traineeship would be used primarily to finance my education, which would eliminate the need for engaging in other menial or blue-collar jobs to finance my studies and internships. Additionally, the stipend would be helpful in creating a schedule of activities specifically tailored to boost time allocation to my studies and internship.