Sample Assignment Paper on Week 4 – Assessment – Voice-Thread Peer Response Video

Reply to Erin

Thank you for your presentation video, Erin. You did an awesome job in the presentation. As a social worker, you have identified challenges and dissonant situations that require urgent decision-making and follow through (Dolgoff, Loewenberg & Harrington, 2005, 15). Ethically, it is necessary to acquire background information of the ethnic group first before becoming involved (Montilla & Smith, 2005, 29). Your ethical practice has been useful in your interview, as it has offered guidance on the categorical difference between the American family and a Hispanic family in terms of closeness. From the background search, you have stated that Hispanic families are close-knit, unlike the American family that is individualistic. You have identified priorities among competing for ethical obligations. First, you have mentioned the need for the federal state to consider the repercussion of sending back the grandparents to the child before mentioning the effect it will have on the family.

Besides, your area of focus is on how Federal state policies affects immigration families are of great concern. You mentioned the negative effects of immigration of Hispanic family members onto Hispanic children. As the focus of your internship, it was necessary to find a lasting solution to the case study of the Hispanic child you are concerned with. You did well by categorizing the effects into emotional, financial, spiritual, and social structures. Your structural categorization is, therefore, useful in determining the dilemmas related to the immigration of the parents (Montilla & Smith, 2005, 37). It is besides a show of good ethical decision made in a social practice (Kiser, 2012, 104).

According to Kiser (2012, 121), it is imperative that social workers be knowledgeable about the group to serve them effectively. You have adequately conducted your interview since you have mentioned migration concerns and cultural values. As a worker, you rightly assumed a neutral position. This is so significant in maintaining the integrity and your relationship with your client (Dolgoff, Loewenberg & Harrington, 2005, 91). Your position is evident when you consider the Federal and ethical laws regarding the case study.



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