Sample Assignment Paper on Week 4 – Application of Research – Voice Thread Peer Response Video

Reply to Rhonda

Thank you for your presentation, Rhonda. You did an awesome job on your video presentation on grieving services you offer at the hospice. You mentioned you are involved in different cases and presently, you are working on a case of a devastated parent who lost their child to substance abuse. I am sure that your services to the client go a long way in helping them find life worth living once more, especially after the departure of their beloved.

You undertook a critical study to confirm the challenges and factors related to the devastation of parents after the loss of their children to substance abuse. As a social worker, it is great to be equipped with recent information concerning the area of study (Dolgoff, Loewenberg, & Harrington, 2005, 12). Your research on the article is therefore of great relevance to the services you are offering at the hospice. From your research findings, you mention that it is paramount for social workers to remain cultural competent (Vega, et al, 2007, 389). This is of high significance, especially when dealing with clients from diverse ethnic groups as you have mentioned. It is besides one of the core ethical values a social worker must embrace (Montilla, & Smith, 2005, 29).

It is great that you exercised your ethical values by hiding personal information of the client (Kiser, 2012, 170). This is necessary to maintain the confidence of the workers and to maintain the already personal relationship (Kiser, 2012, 56). You also did well in mentioning the research gaps. This opening is useful in directing researchers to areas that still requires their attention. Your presentation as a social worker is great since you have greatly contributed to the research on issues related to substance abuse. You have gone ahead and mentioned approaches that the client can take to overcome the devastation, including giving contacts for more counseling of the affected.




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