Sample Admission Essay on Alcohol and Drug Abuse in Homes and How It’s Affect on the Community

In terms of choosing a career, I find Social Work to be one of excellent.  Social workers are the people who care about the dignity of humanity as well as social justice. This is a field that is diverse, dealing with individuals, communities, and families all over the world, offering them essential humanitarian services. Social workers, whether volunteers or paid, are often deeply committed to helping the needy in the society. Such needy people include them that suffer from family and community relationship challenges (Doel, 2012). Social workers are responsible for handling alcohol and drug abuse in the home and offer information on how it can affect the entire community.

My life has always been driven by the obligation to help people, not only in my community, but also in them that I meet, who have had the same background as mine. I have had several experiences, which have acted as motivation towards pursuing social work as a career.  My interest in social work started when I was about ten years old. My uncle, whom I loved so dearly, was admitted to a rehabilitation center since he was suffering from drug addiction, and was considered unfit to stay with us. My once jovial uncle, who had lived with us since we were little, suddenly became withdrawn, lonely, and suffered outbursts, which had led into him being violent.

As my parents, siblings and I visited my uncle in the rehabilitation centre, we met an amazing workforce that appeared to be going beyond their duty scope. They were very thorough and committed to helping their patients towards recovery. After few months of rehabilitation, I could see the huge difference in my uncle’s life. That was the moment when I asked the social workers in the rehabilitation centre on how I could become like them. One of them explained to me that I had to work hard, be a performer in school, and join a good college that offered a major in social work or a course that was closely related to it. The social workers at the rehabilitation centre gave me an insight into what entails in being a social worker as well as the amount of commitment required for a social worker.

I have decided to pursue a graduate in social work study due to my passion in helping people out of their problems, especially them who suffer from alcohol and drug abuse. I realize that there are different factors that may lead to drug and alcohol abuse. I get satisfaction in seeing the people around me live a better life and finding solutions to solve alcohol and drug addiction problems. I also choose to pursue Social Work study due to the wide range of opportunities this field offers. Social workers have the capacity to work in the local communities, schools, international organizations, companies, health facilities, etcetera (Canda & Furman, 2010). Social work is a flourishing career that continues to build my confidence and the ability to work extra hard with the main goal of changing the lives of countless people in the society.

As a social work student, I have several career interests and objectives. First, I want to engage myself into direct service. I want to focus on helping individuals who suffer from common problems such as alcohol and drug addiction. In addition, I want to specialize in offering clinical services that entail therapy. For instance, with my passion in alcohol and drug addiction, I want to offer therapy, treatment, and medication to people who suffer from behavioral disorders. I will also work towards owning a private practice.

            Molloy Grad School is one of it kinds with an advantage of having special resources and programs for social work students who are on distant learning. As a student privileged to have joined this school, I plan to take advantage of the resources offered by the school in practicing my career. For instance, I purpose to take up the volunteer program services as well as take part in the community programs to build my confidence in dealing with people. One of my major goals as a student is to become the best performing student. Molloy Grad School has a well equipped online library, which contains enough books that cover the Social work course.

I am applying for distant learning since I would like to pursue my masters’ degree; however, am not in the position to travel since I have a large family. Secondly, I need a flexible program that will allow me to work around my personal regular schedule. This helps me to plan for my schooling despite my work schedule. Distant learning will also help me save on time. Since I have a large family, I require time, both for my studies and for my family. I will benefit from this program by spending lesser time on my schoolwork in comparison to the traditional system students. I believe, as a social worker, that my responsibility is not only not only in helping other people, but specializing in helping them who suffer from alcohol and drug abuse in the community. The extent to which this affects the home and the entire community is wanting. I purpose to prove to the world that I can make it in becoming the best social worker and a product of Molloys Grad School.


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