Sample Essay on Importance of Shakespeare’s plays to Students in 2016

In a world where the art of writing is said to be diminishing, it is imperative for literature scholars and authors to retain some texts that are true and influential like those by Shakespeare.  Logically, a holistic education should have a firm basis of both classical and modern literature where the classical literature found in a profound study of Shakespearean writings would be more satisfying. The writing skills of Shakespeare are undeniably significant in the literature history, and most of his works are based on daily human themes that are timeless.  Shakespeare is a significant landmark in literature, and the success of his works has helped in the setting of a precedent for modern plays and dramas’ evolution.  The poetry of William Shakespeare especially his plays are among the most celebrated artistic work. In the English literature history, Shakespeare’s writing goes unmatched, and it is no surprise that learners across the world still read and study his works.  Many of his plays are of profound relevance today as the emotions, problems, and desires experienced in Shakespeare’s writings are still the ones encountered in the current world.  In 2016, four hundred years after Shakespeare’s wrote his last play, his works are a requirement for English students in high schools and also for college students studying literature or writing. The depth of the feeling and thought coupled up with great language in the language used by Shakespeare in his writing transcends time.

As time passes by, things change, but human beings, as well as their feelings, do not mutate and considering this Shakespeare applies various themes that are relevant to the human life. Notably, the plays are performed in different languages, on screens and stage as well as popular festivals across the globe (Kahn, N.P). Apparently, teachers realizethat the works of Shakespeare offer contemporary connections that open learning pathways for even the marginalized societies. Ideally, the reason as to why the works are still relevant is because they can still be related to by readers. His use of universal themes engages the readers in that they are in a position to refer to the texts. The plots, Characters and the prose are active today just as they were during the plays’ original setting in the 16th and 17th centuries.

Despite the fact that Shakespeare died a long time ago, it is important for students in 2106 to study his plays. Though his writing might appear to be far from the current lifestyle, the themes are somewhat related to the existing human culture, virtues, qualities and vices.  His works are profoundly relevant as they deal with human nature that does not change with time.  Thus, the human nature that was in the times of Shakespeare such as the need for power, jealousy, ambition and the fear of death are still reflected and witnessed in the modern society.  Given that the choice of the writer whose works are to be studied is determined by the teacher, not the students, it is important for teachers to choose writings that trigger curiosity, interest and the desire to read. A teacher can never go wrong with Shakespeare works as they are vehicles of social commentary that are literalized to fit in the new world. Examples of these Shakespeare relevant works are Macbeth, The Merchant of Venice and The Tempest.

Shakespeare’s language is rich; his characters are complex, and most of his dominant themes like politics, love, honor, treachery and bravery are still resonate to date.  Human beings still encounter love, humor, betrayal, tragedy, and war and this gives Shakespeare the ledge in modern times. Additionally, Shakespeare tactfully shapes the experience of individuals who have never had a glimpse of his plays. For instance, everyone who has gone through a literature class knows the narrative of Romeo and Juliet and many people are in a position to recite some lines from the Hamlet (Shakespeare, 40). Regardless of the four hundred years of language evolution,Shakespeare knew how to make readings stick in the brain of the reader.  He is credited with coining word scores that are still in use as he has around two thousand entries in the Familiar Quotations of Bartlett. For instance, the Hamlet is sometimes called a string of clichés because practically each word sticks in the reader’s brain.

The other thing that makes Shakespeare’s plays timeless is that they are vague and the do not have stage directions. They were meant to be performedwithout much costuming or a minimum set since most of them are set in imaginary places or an anachronistic past making them contemporary stories. This aspect makes the plays highly flexible because they can be adapted with ease in different settings.  Therefore, the teachers and authors can trim the plays to suit the audience and achieve the desired interpretation that would be helpful in class.  A student studying Shakespeare’s writing in 2016 can understand what is in them and this makes the plays more relevant and important in promoting literature learning. Since Shakespeare works are interpreted in different languages, they are of great importance to students who are studying a foreign language (Kahn, N.P). The students can also gather information on the major historical features and broaden their knowledge in history. From there they can also study art and literature and relate the traditions and customs of the ancient days to the current world. Moreover, Shakespeare was a language genius, and he contributed to the creation of many English words, therefore, becoming relevant as he revolutionized the language as well as the culture.

Undoubtedly, Shakespeare was an artistry master of the English language, and his writing has a fluidity of words, thoughts, sound and rhythm that represented with complexity but not unintelligible and can be understood by an inexperienced learner. With the right words combination and right image conjuring, Shakespeare wrote many plays and passages in a so poignant, powerful, tragic, romantic and comedic manner in that many are still performed and memorized today. One of the plays by Shakespeare that are still relevant is Romeo and Juliet as the reader can relate to different levels of love and conflict.  Similarly, Hamlet’stheme is areflection of betrayal whichis quite relevant in the modern society. For instance, in the Hamlet, Claudius kills the father of Hamlet, and in return Hamlet kills (ClaudiusJohansen-Bibby, 22). Students can relate to the current revengeful society between friends, families, and countries.

In conclusion, it is no doubt that Shakespearean works are necessary as they provide substantial knowledge to English literature students. Shakespeare’s excellent writing skills create an accurate reflection of human truth and cannot be replicated or rivaled. Though some of the scenarios in the writings of Shakespeare are not as they appear today, they are still relevant to almost every situation. Students can also learn writing skills for the works of Shakespeare. He created various plays that are significant in the inlives today as they represent how individuals feel and think.

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