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Admission Essay for Applying To MBA Program of a Top Business School


I like mathematics a lot, and this has been my preferred subject since my childhood days, which formed the foundation for my future career. When my father discovered that I was quite interested in analytical skills, he suggested that I should contemplate on becoming an engineer. Since then, I have really been working hard to attain my dream goal. After high school, I joined a local college to undertake a degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, and the degree has given me impetus to move forward after sharpening my analytical skills. Currently, I am undertaking a Masters in Electrical Engineering, which I anticipate to finish in 2016. However, my future goal is to become a CEO in an international corporation, and the bridge towards attaining this goal is to undertake an MBA in a top business school.

After graduating with a Bachelors degree in Engineering in NIT, Trichy in India, I opted to expand my knowledge in analytical skills by enrolling for a Master’s program in Electrical Engineering in the University of Colorado in Boulder, USA. Being at the top in engineering class proved that my analytical skills were outstanding, and moving on with my master’s degree would not be a hard task. Some of the courses that caught my interests are Introduction to Electronic Drives, Dynamics and Control of AC Drives, and Solid State Power Conversion. I have undertaken several project works, which include analyzing Modified Space Vector Modulated Induction Motor Drive, and developing a Control Scheme with Performance Prediction for a PV-fed Water Pumping System. My journey to attain academic goals has enabled me to receive several awards and honors as acknowledgment of hard work and commitment.

During my summer holidays in the USA, I have managed to earn several internship duties. My most significant achievement has been designing a MOSFET-based gate drive for a 200kW Silicon Carbide (SiC) three-phase inverter that I worked for in Rockwell Automation in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, US, where I worked as a Power Electronics Design Intern for three months. Other companies that I have offered my service include NIT, Trichy, as Research Assistant, and University of Colorado, as a Graduate Teaching Assistant. I believe that this exceptional blend of experience has transformed me into a person with broader perspective in understanding my goals. I strongly believe in offering and sustaining high standards of service, as I remain keen on technology software updates. I have always remained in touch with my mentors, who update me regularly on latest software packages.

Upon graduating with a Master’s Degree in Engineering in 2016, I will seek employment for two years to gain practical experience, which is essential for my future career. I know I have invested adequate time, energy, as well as money, in seeking a Master’s in Engineering, but my reward will only come after pursuing an MBA program in your prestigious institution. My capacity to think logically will be complemented by learning how to manage people, as well as mastering the art of winning clients in the business world. In addition, the MBA will assist me in career growth, as it enables professionals to embrace new ideas through continuous education. Ultimately, after completing my MBA in 2020, my dream of becoming a CEO in one of the core US corporations that specialize in Electrical and Electronics Engineering will become a reality.

Besides my professional engagement in acquisition of analytical skills, I have also excelled in leadership skills and community involvement. Since I joined the college, I have gained many friends due to my charisma and interest in knowing other people’s cultures. Apart from becoming a class representative, I became a Vice President of SPIDER, an electronic club that brought students of electronics together to solve their educational issues and demonstrate their innovative characters. During my tenure, I organized µCon Microcontroller Workshops for SPIDER, in addition to managing and instructing workshops for Analog Controller for Power Electronics in the college. Giving back to society is part of my passion, and since I did not have resources to share with society, I opted to volunteer with the National Service Scheme (NSS). In this endeavor, I organized and participated in several eye-care camps, blood donation camps, as well as tree planting activities. I am still looking forward to honor my community in monetary terms, since I believe my contribution can transform young people to become successful individuals in society.

Your institution has a good reputation for molding students to become business industrialists, administrators, and entrepreneurs. I believe I can become one of the successful engineers with excellent leadership and entrepreneurial skills. I considered applying in advance because I do not want to my miss this golden opportunity to hone my entrepreneurial proficiency. I am exceedingly excited to join the MBA program because it will reignite my leadership skills, as well as analytical skills, which are prerequisites to succeeding in corporate field. It is my hope that I will be among those who will be selected to join the program because this is the only way that I can be able to lead a group of people in making changes in the field of engineering, technology, and business.


We understand your situation and would like to make your school life easier and fun. When you choose our topnotch writers, you can sit back, relax and enjoy every day without worry. Learning should be fun so contact us today and let us take care of your worries.

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We understand your situation and would like to make your school life easier and fun. When you choose our topnotch writers, you can sit back, relax and enjoy every day without worry. Learning should be fun so contact us today and let us take care of your worries.









How to Write Term Paper Assignments

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