Sample Research Paper on Interconnection between Gender and Sexuality

Gender refers to the common set of norms and expectations connected to how men and
women should behave. On the other hand, sex refers to the physiological and biological features
that define men and women. The understanding of gender varies in separate societies. The
socially constructed role and behaviors expectations of men and women in any given societies
are not fixed but are continually constructed based on economic, social, and political factors.
The interconnection between gender and sexuality is grounded by the fact which the former
influence the latter (What is the Link between Sexuality and Gender). The discussion will
explain the link between gender and sexuality in how we comprehend and practice sexualities.
Social anticipation connected to gender controls how men and women behave, which
comprises their feelings, attitude, and sexual behaviors. The expectations are grounded on the
presumption that there exist two types of people, women, and men and that they conduct
themselves differently grounded on their biological sex. There exist a big variation in the

gendered believes and the expectation connected to sexuality. The societal pressures to obey the
rules can have harmful results for both men and women. In some societies, women may be
forced to undergo circumcision to be viewed by society as adults(What is the Link between
Sexuality and Gender). In other contexts, women may also be forced to enter into marriages they
don't want, and others are subjected to rape. When growing up, boys are expected to behave like
men; they want the feeling that makes them being taken seriously by their family and
community.If boys fail to behave like men, they end up getting bullied.
In many backgrounds, women and girls are viewed as vulnerable and need to be
protected from men’s sexual advances. Virginity is highly treasured, and it is connected to the
family's capability to maintain social status and arrange marriage. The influence of women's and
girls' sexuality is also connected with factors such as education. Where virginity is considered
significant, parents have faced the fear of the increased chances of sex between boys and girls.
They are concerned about which education can challenge the traditional ones that teach about
arranged marriages. Sexuality is used to control those girls and women who live outside the
norms of feminism. Women who fight for gender equality are viewed as not proper women,
leading them to be accused of practicing lesbianism or being promiscuous. In some situation,
men are undergoing sexual assault, but because society believes that women are always the
victim, such cases are prone to receiving less attention (What is the Link between Sexuality and
Gender). In many communities, women are expected to remain quiet around issues connected to
sexuality and sex. Because of the above-mentioned reason, it may be difficult for women to be
informed about risk reduction or even bargain for safe sex in their relationship with men.
While concluding, it is significant to acknowledge the connection between gender and
sexuality. The societal expectations on how each gender should behave have changed how

people practice sexualities. The issue of female Circumcision has been attributed to gender.
While the act affects the female sex organ negatively, women are pressured to practice them.
Factors such as virginity have affected how people view families. Gender has also prevented
men from getting justices when they are sexually assaulted as they generally viewed as the


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