Sample Research Paper on Evolution of Internet Science and Technology

It is without a doubt that the fast-paced rate of technological development has led to a
tremendous change in the people's daily lives. The inevitable technological advancements have
led to an improved status in a myriad of fields such as the medical care, industrial revolution,
trade, transportation and interactive communication models. The experience of life in the 21 st
century is wholly different compared to that which was experienced centuries ago. New ideas
and suggestions related to the human needs and wants have shaped both today's and futuristic
plan in relation to the science and technology evolution. This paper simply predicts an improved
and better future due to the continuous evolution of internet science and technology. The ideas
that we once thought to be impossible are currently today’s reality.
Science is defined as a systematic and logical approach to discovering how a myriad of
things functions within the universe (Yin 2). Science itself is regarded as a complex subject that
further comprises other fields such as Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and Computer Science,
Geology, Anthropology, Psychology among many other fields. Science mainly relies on proved
facts that had once been hypothesized as pure ideas. In order for the hypothesized ideas to be
termed as scientific facts, there is need to incorporate scientific methods and procedures that will

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help in coming up with the ultimate conclusion on whether the ideas are indeed new scientific
discoveries or not. Thus, the scientific method is an eminently essential aspect in coming up with
scientific facts and discoveries. The scientific method is further used as a tool to challenge ideas
so as to come up with proved, precise and correct facts. According to some erudite researchers,
true science can be recognized specifically through an experimental method according to where a
theory if truly scientific, must be built on and tested against the results of observation and
experimental (Yin 5). The scientific method is carried out in sequential procedures namely;
carrying out an observation, creating a hypothesis by proposing explanations and testing the
explanations or testable hypothesis. Scientific method prescribes how scientists collect and
analyze data, how they draw conclusions from data and how they share data with others (Yin
14). However, a problem exists in cases where the scientist's procedures of proving a given
hypothesis are drawn from his own personal biases or emotions.
It is with this exact profound reason that the scientific research and method loses its
objectivity of proving whether a given hypothesis is indeed a fact or not. Thus, incorporating a
‘design method’ to be part of carrying out a scientific research is eminently vital in ensuring that
the scientist or researcher follows all the rules stipulated by the scientific method where
observations are collected and results are analyzed without any form of biases. A research design
method can be referred to a work plan that provides a set of strict guidelines to the researcher on
how he or she should collect, analyze and evaluate the results of a given research study. A design
method mainly plays the primary role in ensuring that the research study focuses on the
designated objectives. This, therefore, assists the researcher to avoid situations where the
evidence fails to address the stated or initial research questions. The design method is thus
composed of five main components namely; the research study’s questions, its proposition, its

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unit (s) of analysis, the logic linking of data to the propositions and the criteria for interpreting
the findings (Yin 28).
It is no surprise that internet-related technologies have become one of the sensations and trend of
the world. Internet technology has developed to an extent that could never have been imagined.
Internet science and technology has provided people with a plethora of benefits that have
improved the living standards of people as well as alleviated certain hard tasks that people were
used to doing during the times when internet technology was a mere hypothetical idea. The
period by which internet technology was being invented was during the late 1960's. The
innovation of the internet had been fueled by the federal government, which funded a research
project that was based on connecting a range of computers to each other to develop an
interconnected network. This was later followed by the development of ARPANET that was later
developed into a system of interconnected networks that would become known as the internet. In
the 1990s, an application known as the World Wide Web was developed through the internet.
The number of internet users grew rapidly from a handful of computer scientists to a great
multitude of users. Ever since the innovation of the internet, there have been tremendous positive
changes that have further led to an improvement in man’s livelihood. Some of these benefits
include; development of fast and more efficient communication means such as through emails
and Skype, development of social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, availability of fast
and effective search engines such as Google and Yahoo. In addition, the internet has provided a
great avenue for business and trade in such a way that a consumer is able to do online purchasing
and online business at his or her own convenience. Example of such remarkable trading and
business websites include eBay, Amazon and other personal websites where a person displays

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his or her goods online to attract sales by millions and millions of customers who purchase goods
and services online. The existence of flash disks, memory cards and the use of compact disks
will become irrelevant in the near future, as cloud-based information storage is more convenient
and not affected by the size of data or information that needs to be stored. It is also safe and one
is guaranteed that his or her stored information is immune from being destroyed by the current
emerging fatal viruses.
In conclusion, this paper simply predicts an improved and better future due to the
continuous evolution of internet science and technology. Besides this, the scientific knowledge
does not only serve as the foundation but also as the cornerstone for all the predicted
development in internet science and technology.

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