Sample Research Paper on Investigations on the approaches to transforming an organization governance system; How to improve organizational management in decision-making Lean six-sigma improvement strategy


The purpose and central review of this project are to analyze the leadership traits in
organizations. The paper strives to offer clarification on the emerging aspects and trends of Lean
six sigma over all the years. The discussion part entails the improvements that should occur in
the organization to give better results in accordance with the Lean Six Sigma strategy.
The research is on Lean six sigma strategy. Information acquired from journal articles in
disciplines such as business and management, health, manufacturing, engineering, computer
science is analyzed systematically. The methodology to be used in this project emphasizes the
lean six-sigma approach to leadership. The formulation plan should be workable and should
function in the best effective manner in the organization. In this module, a formulation of the
flow of information forms the basic understanding of the organization m explanations bare made
based on how communication traits affect the whole Organizational structure.
The findings in the use of the methodology effectively improve the organizational structure
based on the discussion. It has proven to have value for many organizations that have enacted the
use of the method. Key findings that emerged include the rapid growing of six sigma which
covers all domains and disciples with a great focus on the tools and techniques. There is
dominance of empirical research with more emphasis on case study approach. Although there are
numerous literature materials on lean six sigma, the topic is still underdeveloped and offers
opportunities for further research.
Research Implications

Project 3
Based on the research on the lean six sigma strategy, companies that utilize the strategy well
are likely to incur massive profits. There is dominance of empirical research with more emphasis
on case study approach. Whereas six sigma focuses on defects and quality, Lean focuses on
providing tools to reduce lead-time of any process and eliminate costs that do not add value. The
strategy is however, underdeveloped and still needs extensive research.

Practical Implications
Lean six sigma strategy is well utilized when used the unknown cause of an arisen situation
needs to be identified. The practical implications of lean six sigma as discussed by the paper are,
it removes inefficiency and waste, elimination of problems and improves the working conditions
if used well. However, the implementation cost of lean six strategy is very high. Moreover,
equipment failure is likely to result as lean six sigma strategy has no room for error.
The research provides all professionals and intellects with an important framework useful in
research. The paper offers explanations on the progressive growth of Lean six sigma,
challenges, types of research and their general applications as well as the critical sources of lean
six sigma information.

Keywords in the discussion

Below are the names and words that form an integral part of the evaluation, formulation, and
outline in the paper's overview. They aid in the interpretation and the best understanding of the

Project 4
work outline. The keywords in this module help to formulate and outline the common factors
seen in the discussion. In this module, the key in the discussion may include;
1. Sigma 3. Governance system 5. Corruption
2. Lean 4. Cooperate auditor 6. Outboard


Project 5
There has been a worrying trend on how the activities are carried daily. The above assumption
is made on the governance of both the organizations in private and public facilities. There has
been a drifting and ranging change in the government's face as different organizations are trying
to lay down some measures to curb the changes in place. Certain factors make an attribution to
the change in practice. It is evident that change is essential, but the change to be enacted should
be significant and meet the organizations' changes. Lean Six Sigma strategy is an excellent and
efficient strategy that ensures the successful implementation of every business corporation or
company's goals and objectives. The problems faced by various organizations tend to push for
the inaction of the strategic change. The issues may tend to change in the reliance of the specific
organization in place. The problems that may be in place include; discrimination, leadership
struggles, corruption, amongst others. In regards to this module, corruption forms the best
interest in the formulation of the outline. The paper also provides research-based information on
the key components of corporate governance in accordance with the Lean six sigma strategy.
Key elements of corporate governance generally include direction, oversight, stakeholder
relations, and corporate citizenship. The manuscript also expounds more on the use of DMAIC
strategy according to the lean six sigma strategy for organizations' ultimate and continuous

Overview of Corruption

Corruption mainly entails the dishonest conduct of the one in authority to get money,
which mostly entails. Corruption is an organizational problem and a social problem. It may
attribute to many factors, which, in the end, lead to problems in the organization. Corruption in
the organization may tend to occur in different forms and ways, depending on how it is carried
out. The primary forms of corruption in the organizations may include the taking of bribes, the

Project 6
conflict of interest, illegal taking of money, and extortion in the economy. The above mentions
not only provide the form of corruption, but they are the most common ones. The embezzlement
of funds can also be a form of corruption in organizations. (Gorsira M. S., 2018)
The corruption practiced in the organization has impacts; these impacts, on the largest
part, are negative. The adverse effects of corruption on a larger part mainly affect people in the
organization and the public. Loss of trust in the public and private sectors forms one formulation
of corruption's negative impacts. The loss of confidence is affiliated with the lack of contention
amongst the people in a specified organization. Trust is earned, and contrary to this discussion,
there is a loss of trust. The senior-most officials in the organization should try to formulate open
processes for both the organization's staff and the customers. There should be a good flow of
information in the best way between the members of an organization. Accountability also forms
an area of concern in the review of this part. There should be a record of whatever happens in the
organization. Record-keeping helps in the keeping of beneficial documents in an organization. It
helps in the problem-solving situation where there is evidence whenever the data records
management problems occur.
Corruption also wastes the resources in place in specific public and private organizations.
The greedy ones who feed the money to themselves misuse the resources subjected to aid in
particular projects. It then leads to a delay in the projects assumed to be completed in a specified
period. The above assumptions finally lead to no improvements and developments in specifics
organizations. Corruption then eventually leads to the outlay of poor services within the
organization. The embezzlement f funds show the low-quality cost; hence, minimal money is
used to complete its design- The above assumptions and the harmful effects of corruption face
formulations of a government strategy to curb low managerial factors.

Project 7
Governance mainly entails all the governing processes done by a state (public sector) or
private sectors. Governance may entail the formal or informal sectors, and the assumption is on
the specific activities carried out. There are a set of laws, principles, and codes of conduct
formulated to guide the particular parties in the governance area. All the parties, regardless of the
class in life, should follow the rules and regulations. In recent times, there have been ranging
changes in how governance is carried. The change explained above is based on the recent trends
observed in the different organizations in place. The governance in some public sectors has been
very promising. In contrast, others have been let off some factors that have been a major
contributing factor in different organizations' poor governance.
Overview of Governance

There has been a worrying trend on how governance in the different organizations
regarding the state is carried. The main reason is that bad government seems to occur in the
communities and countries in recent times. A high number of people in authority and power
seem to take matters lightly on governance issues. There has been a massive shift in the interest
presented in the formulation of the above topic. The states and different governments have not
acted on the issues resent in terms of governing entities. Several reasons show the problems of
bad governance in society present today. It is also essential to note that these factors vary from
states, governments, organizations, and other sectors. (Mauerhofer, 2019)
Bad governance in the organizations and states is highly evidenced through many factors
in recent times. First, bad management is centralized in the lack of transparency and openness in
different organizations' governing bodies in the states. The lack of accountability in the resources
and the funds used by the government is another contributing factor. Specific organizations in
the states and countries cannot account for the money used; hence tend to forge or lie. Many

Project 8
warning signs show the entities and signs of poor governance. The factors shown in the above
assumptions are used as a reflection of the trending things to note in the governance of a specific
Bad governance in the organization may also be evidenced in the face of communication.
There should be an effective way of passing information from one group or from one party to
another. It is imperative to note that the organization's flow of crucial information takes place
from the senior officials. All the parties in an organization should understand the language used
in the communication process. The lack of understandable language may lead to a lack of
information to the staff and all the organization's parties. The lack of information may lead to
struggles and problems in the organization. Communication in the organization should be very
brief and concise. It is supposed to meet the code of conduct in the organization. The
communication status should also be direct to the point and should avoid any controversy in
Various warning signs show the existence of poor governance in the states and its
organization. The presence of unclear measurements is a worrying matter of concern. The people
in the organization tend to use funds when an account is a need of ambiguous statements are in
place. It means that the money used was not accounted for. The ownership of funds not
accounted for by some specific government officials is also a worrying trend. The lack of a life
audit in the money on the accounts of some officials is so discouraging. Some government
officials tend to put money to be used in specific government projects in a personal foreign
To solve bad governance, certain traits and aspects are followed to eliminate these issues.
There should be an improvement in completely strategic measures to curb poor management.

Project 9
There should be the creation of more bodies that investigate o the governance of all
organizations in a specified area. The bodies should be a watchdog on how the resources and
funds of organizations are carried out. The use of a life audit should also take place to know the
corrupt officials. There should also be strict measures and punishment for those involved in poor
governance. The above and more factors provide a way to curb bad management.

Overview of the Strategies

A strategy is mainly a plan made to achieve the whole outline of something. Strategies
are put primarily in place in the formulation of solving the issues that are in place. In this
module, the plans are put in place to curb the lousy governance in the area. In other words, the
primary use of strategy is to form a basis for promoting good governance in the organization.
The main aim is to prevent all the entities that arise whenever bad government occurs in the
states. It will be of the interest of the people and the officials that good governance is in place. It
helps create a good environment amongst all the entities in the states and society. (Palanisamy,
There various strategies and methods which can be in place to promote good governance
and other traits in the states, organization, and other entities in the area. There may be the
elimination of the leaders and those in authority who show signs of poor governance. The state
and all its bodies have a role to play in the elimination of malpractices in administration. There
might be a formulation of bodies enacted to control the governing spree of different bodies in the
state. The bodies should only be a watchdog and should not be corrupt. It forms a very
encouraging factor in the projection of strategies to aid in eliminating poor governance. The
inactions should be very strict and not biased hence projecting effects in the formulation of the
government needs. For clarity, the lean sigma improves strategy to aid in solving the matter at

Project 10
hand. The strategies incorporated in the view of the sigma manly helps in the improvement of
the organization. The main area of concern in this area is the leadership traits in place. The
strategy aids in promoting good leadership in the organization framework and aids in giving
customers a satisfactory environment. The formulations of all the entities in the sigma are
followed in a very systematic manner. The main aim of adopting this methodology is to reduce
the errors in place and improve the whole organization of specific concerns.

Overview of the Lean Sigma
The basis on BPM and (SIX SIGMA)

Lean six sigma is an improvement methodology process with the designation of
removing and eliminating waste and inefficiency. Lean sigma also emphasizes the improvement
of the working conditions to provide a better response to the needs of customers. The tools of
the six sigma and methodologies are combined to form one popular powerful methodology for
improving organizations. By utilizing the strategy, businesses have flourished and encountered
massive growth. Combining the lean and the sigma in conjunction with all the business process
management is a prevalent way to enhance an outstanding program. There are three primary
elements of the lean six sigma strategy.
The tools and techniques include the tools and analytical methods set to identify and help
solve problems. The emphases are on the area of concern that needs improvement strategies. The
tools and techniques are standard work, which is the documentation of best practices for work.
Other techniques include the 5S workplace organization. It consists of the sort, set, shine,
standardizes, and sustain. Also, the use of a control chart which shows how the techniques

Project 11
progress over time. Problem solving and improvement are another technique that entails
implementing opportunities for improvement and solving the arising problems.
It entails a series of phases that organize the utility of tools for solving problems to ensure that
the true root cause is found and problems solved. The project targets are defined, and the
deliverability of the customer's target. Finally, the last element is the mindset and culture.
Mindset and culture entail a way in which an organization thinks that has its reliance on data and
processes for the achievement of operational performance goals and continuous improvement.
These elements complement each other. A culture that seeks continuous improvement without
tools and techniques becomes frustrating. Analytical techniques require effective utility to ensure
there is a progressive improvement. Therefore, the Leans six sigma strategies entails the
utilization of all those elements that reinforce each other for the success of any organization.

There are different views and focus that exist in the final overview of the topic above. It
is also evident and significant to note that the project design that is highly regarded in this area of
concern should be instrumental. The main areas of matter using the methodology of focus may
include evaluating the whole process flow by reducing any time that may be used—secondly, the
elimination of any malpractices that may occur while one is using this method. The last part may
include enhancing good workflow in the organization from the working of all colleagues. As
explained, the above processes play a significant role in the optimum best working environment
seen in an organization. In addition, the excellent working environment helps to enhance certain
traits that prove to be very fruitful on organizations' watch. It finally leads to a satisfactory
environment between the organization stuff and the whole society.

Project 12
In addition, there is another overview of lean and sigma. A discussion on the way of lean
thinking forms an integral part. It is the primary process to critically evaluate the organization on
delivering the best services to society and state. The delivery of the process should be based on
quantities and qualitative analysis. The organization should always be able to offer the best
service to the people and society. It is in the best interest that all the staff and the people who
form the external environment are satisfied. The right environment comes in many ways, which
the organization should focus on. One way is to offer the organization's virtues, which may entail
honesty, discipline, and accountability. When these working virtues are met, the organization
will provide good governance and the best output in work.
The organization should also be in power to identify particular wastes that are in place.
The waste must be in the regards of physical structures or tangible goods and entail the non-
tangible features. The waste tends to drag the company back in the evaluation of the proceedings
and outcomes. Many and specific wastes may occur in the organization, but they vary from one
organization to another. Wastes may compose certain defects, excessive procession, and produce
more than they wanted transportation, expertise or skills, and queues products. The explanation
and the understanding of these wastes help in the making of a formulation to curb them. The
organization should first form an entity in the overall knowledge of the above waste and control
it. It includes a higher degree of professionalism and helps in the organization's comprehensive
management in place.
The organization should also be well-informed on the best way to establish a good
workflow. Good workflow reduces the time that can be wanted when particular demands are not
met. The workflow may come from the senior officials to the junior ones. There should be a
good outline of the roles and responsibilities of specific groups and organizational members. The

Project 13
workplace's roles and responsibilities should also follow the organization's code of conduct to
prevent certain people from doing work in their interest. When the above measures, the
organization will be working in full swing, hence meeting all the demands incorporated in
producing the best results. The organization can also try to pursue a culture that tends to make
the organization's best outcome. Culture on the definition in this module may entail a certain
specific way of doing things.
Regarding this module, the culture review is to create a superior workflow that is perfect.
The culture should form a basis of good performance, accountability, work virtues, and conduct
codes. Work culture also enacts a working mood, prevents laziness, and as a permanent reminder
of the virtues and principles of conduct in an organization.

The Business Process Management Overview

In simple terms, BPM is a software model in an organization on the basis to configure out
all the business activities regarding the promotion of main business capabilities. The
organization's BPM forms a fundamental overview of the entire strategies band to overview its
working trends. It helps in the organization structure's best understanding, supporting the whole
development and its work plan. BPM has a significant number of advantages that make it very
fruitful in the complete organization overview. The BPM enables the more straightforward ways
of solving the organization's problems that seem to be very notorious. It also helps to reduce the
risk factors and promote measures in handling specific issues in an organization. It helps in the
promotion of a very efficient customer and the satisfactory organization factor. Even though the
BPM tends to be fruitful and advantageous, certain traits have shown its vulnerability. One major
disadvantage shown in the BPM framework is that it may lead to weak management that depends

Project 14
on this method. Workers and staff may tend to be lazy by just relying on this methodology. The
plan also seems to use a lot of money that may be used in other projects that seem very
promising in the organization. (Wu, 2017)

Similarities are shown between the lean, SIX SIGMA, and the BPM.
A variety of similarities seems to occur in the work output when these methods are in
place. The similarities, though, are regarding specific traits that seem to be very similar when the
three ways are in process. The features observed are based on the considerations of the goals and
the phases shown in these methods. In the three approaches, the goals' similarities tend to be
similar as they aim to improve the organization's performance. Both the three disciplines are put
in place regarding enhancing the whole processes of the organization. The phases in all these
three disciplines are based on a (watchdog) in implementing the strategies and the real
improvements in an organization's work. They prove to be similar, though with different phases,
but the similarities are on the promotion and the roles of each discipline.
The Critical Principles are shown on Lean.

Principles mainly entail serving a system or the incorporations of specific measures in a
working environment. The regulations promote the fundamental codes of conduct in a
workplace, hence promoting individual work values. Like other methods, the lean has values on
which the incorporations seem to lead the process's overall success. The central values that are in
the lean may include; values overview, the streaming of the costs, the creation of a workflow, the
establishment of a pull, and finally pursuing perfection. All these measures and processes are in
an orderly manner to achieve a lean strategy in an organization.

Project 15
In creating value, the organization should identify the customers and note their specific
values, choices, and preferences. The organization should also enhance the product management
of its customers and meet their specified values. The organization should understand the map
streaming value in the plan streaming value, one above discussion. The organization created an
excellent workflow that evaluates from the senior authorities to the junior ones. The workflow
helps in noting the specific roles and responsibilities of individual group members and ensuring
that every commitment is accounted for. Creating a pull mainly entails the significant services
done in the organization to give the best services to the customer. The above assumption helps in
creating a friendly environment between the parties and hence satisfaction amongst the parties.
The last part of this framework is the significance of pursuing protection in an organization.

The DMAIC Improvement Strategy Overview (SIX SIGMA)
The DMAIC is an acronym for define, measure, analyze, improve and control.
It is adopted in improving the design and other aspects of the organization. It is essential to note
that this process is determined by collecting and analyzing data from different perspectives and
fields in an organization. The method seems to be very useful in the organization through very
many factors. One is that it helps the governing bodies of an organization to make confident
decisions. The main reason for this is that the findings will be made on the data collected,
minimizing errors. The other advantage I use of this method is that it helps me consider plans
and actions. In the complete overview, the organization will collect data and form a prediction in
future outcomes. The six sigma on the best understanding has concepts followed in enhancing a
confident and successful strategy.

The main concepts in SIX SIGMA

Project 16
The concept is made on how the methodologies incorporated on how effective the
process has specific methods to make if very effective in the organization. Certain traits are in
place to give an overview outline on how the technique is used or incorporated. There are the
identification and promotion of the best quality of work. The identification should be based on
customers' specified needs and all the entities within an organization. There is the elimination of
the malpractices or acts that seem not to enhance the organization's virtues. The elimination is
based on creating an environment that is satisfactory to the organization and the community.
There is the processing of the capabilities of which the organization can be able to achieve. The
powers should be reasonable because it should be functional and promote everyone's rights and
obligations. On the above assumptions, the qualifications should focus on the needs and the
virtues of society. There should be variation and control of the customers; the organization
should lay down the prospect and specific choice to meet the people's wants. In the next phase,
the organization should be able to outline stable and functional operations in place. The
procedure should be realistic and helpful in the whole outline process to be very useful on
workability. Last it is essential to note that the entire process, as explained above, should be able
to meet the needs of the people and the whole overview success of the organization.

The Sigma Quality
BPM Cycle

In summary of the sigma entities, the operation should be based on the organization's
whole and optimum success. Success should be stipulated in terms of meeting the organization's
needs and society. The sigma helps formulate a female work aimed to assist in the success and
how the business in specific fields in an organization is in place. It mainly helps problem-solving
and any other entities that may arise in the organization's whole workout.

Project 17
Contrary to this, the BPM mainly entails changes in the technical area and the
organization's whole operation field. It is mainly incorporated in the sense of software, which
outlines how some changes in the organization can be reviewed; the BPM also entails the change
in the foundation and the environment changes. The environment in this scenario mainly entails
the organizational structure and the views on society. It then leads to a discussion of the
formulation proceeds of the steps of the BPM (Thomas, 2017)
The Cyclic Phase of the BPM

When an organization uses the BPM strategy, certain aspects must be followed to make
the method a success. In this discussion, the steps are in place in a cycle to show how the factor
is used in the method. Firstly, there is the organization of outcomes in the specified
organizations. It is very professional to keep an account of everything done. This helps organize
all entities in the organization. After this is done, correction and improvements of the processes
before any revolution' are carried out. This helps in keeping the records in the specified
organizations. There is the establishment of all the practices that are to be stipulated in a period.
It helps create a complete overview and framework of all the entities to be observed in the
workout. The next face in this scenario is the standardization of all the enterprises in the
organization. The whole process helps in minimizing the errors that may occur in the
organization. The organization then formulates continuous changes to create room for more
improvements in the phase of the work. Finally, there is the rebuilding of an existing process
rather than the new ones. It helps in the time that may be consumed in trying to formulate other
methods in time. It is imperative to note that the above assumption helps save time and more so
energy in the whole outline.

Project 18
The BPM and the SIX SIGMA have an excellent complementary outcome in the sense of
ample provision of high value and quality outcomes rather than low efforts. The above strategies
are very influential in the organization in solving key elements, and he lo in the reduction of
time. The two entities also aid in the organization's overall improvement, boosting confidence in
the organization. All the entities help formulate a framework that is affiliated with Bringing
progress and success to the organization.

Identification and Section of the Strategic Process
An approach based on Cross Efficiency

Strategies are made in the workplace to offer improvement in specific areas. Strategic
plans are useful because whatever is enacted should be functional and effective in the area. This
module's primary purpose is to form a basis and formulate the strategies that mainly improve the
organization's whole purpose. The selection and identification of this process require certain
traits and aspects to be followed to improve. According to the module, the above assumptions are
based on cross efficiency and cross card use in the specified area. Based on this module's
purposeful understanding, it is evident that the organization's overall success and work are the
primary concern. The organizations have the inner tasks to promote the success and development
projects in the outline and codes.
The governing bodies in each organization form the main tasks in the improvement
strategies. It is evident to note that the officials coordinate all the activities in the place. They
have a complete overview of the promotion, outline, and oversight of the organization. The
coordination in the organization by its bodies is the best matter of concern in this area. The
planning of the strategies should be based on the functionality and effectiveness of the process.
The bodies should review how the resources and funds are used to be in the organization.

Project 19
Provident funds and the use of resources should be the main factor of concern in the
organization. It helps in allocating the project that seems fruitful and helps save money that can
be wasted. In recent times, many organizations have started the formulation and the work out if
the formulation n the strategies have been very effective in promoting time-saving measures and
control of funds. The governing bodies in an organization should explore the benefits and state
the disadvantages of each methodology. Even though these traits may seem different in different
aspects, some characteristics may seem similar in the organization. This idea's main reason is to
note the presiding issues in the specified organizations to limit the limits.
Depending on the companies or the organization at hand, various strategic alignments have been
adopted to recognize improvement. They may tend to vary on specific subjects and matters that
seem very important to the organization at stake. The choice may also reflect what suits the
organization, customers, and the whole society. The use of a scorecard has proven to be very
useful, depending on the company or organization. A strategic managerial system incorporates
the coordination of organizational strategies. The above method has proven to be very useful to
have many organizations adopting the feature. It is instrumental in accessing the employer's
performance with a more generalized approach. It helps in the complete evaluation of
understanding by the organization within a brief period. The notable difference that occurs may
result in the adjustment policies of the organization. The adjustment helps in the organization's
overall improvement and management of specific errors witnessed in the organization. (Sousa,

Review on the Alignments on Strategy and Scorecard

In the managerial overview of the specific organization, the major roles are made on the
senior officials. They take to take part in the making of all the roles and responses in the

Project 20
organization. In the case of scenario, the management firms the final judgment in the
organization's specific strategies to be put in place. The formulation and emphasis do the review
through consultation and selection. It is essential to note that the selection and selection firms are
based on the strategies' outcomes. It is in the best interest that incorporating the plan should be
best for all the entities to be in place.
When choosing the strategies, specific key issues are concerning to ensure that the best
deal is chosen. The senior officials make a very critical judgment, which is regarded as
discriminatory in the whole outline. It is evident that the strategies and their themes form a
reflection of the organization's overview. The themes in approaches do not reflect on purpose in
the organization; the above assumption can also reflect on finance in the sense of improvement.
The above assumption's main contributing factor is internal managerial factors in the
organization and the systems.
It is imperative to note that the organization's performance is the primary concern
observed in this area. The internal process helps in giving a formulation on the creation band the
optimization of the customer. It helps in satisfactory and meeting the needs of customers in the
organization. It is of best interest to note that the parties' indolent, which may include people,
may be helpful. However, the involvement of the people should be incorporated with the
technological changes in the organization.
When all of these parties are incorporated, the organization can formulate and support the
improvement plan.
The people in the organization should also be taught on the verge of the changes that are
to occur. They should have the ultimate knowledge of the recent technology in place. It forms

Project 21
good coordination and an understanding of the project at hand. The above mention helps to save
time and limiting errors that may occur when the strategy is implemented.
The company or organization should focus on things and factors that provide the virtues and
other aspects. The main reason for the above description is to offer an enhancement in the
organization's production terms. It helps improve the whole work out and prevent laziness that
may be shown among some members. It helps the organization's people have prior knowledge of
what the organization wants to be done.

Selection Criteria for Improving SIX SIGMA on Lean

The selection of the process of choosing the design should be based on the review of the
organization. The main reason is that they tend to vary from a specific place in action. At forts,
the projects' selection at the beginning of the activities forms a significant role in the inaction.
The above assumptions are made in regard to the SIX SIGMA and the key analysis of the
success of the entities. The rank on the SIX SIGMA plays a major role in this methodology's
inaction and deployment process. Many advantages are made in prior choosing of the process in
the first phase. The first process help in the formulation band the implementation big the process

Implementation of lean THE SIX SIGMA
''Leadership in lean sigma.''

Leadership is both a research area and a practical skill that entails a group's ability to
influence other individuals or organizations. Leadership provides direction for the
accomplishment of a goal through human assistants. A leader can see how things can be

Project 22
improved and rallies people to move toward a bright vision. Being a successful leader does not
mean that you only can motivate people. A leader needs to be empathetic and a proper
understanding of people to feel the excellent results of success. There are good leaders and bad
leaders, but it is not easy to identify the bad one and the good. Leaders tend to hide their true
colors taking advantage of the poor people. A good leader is concerned 0f the well-being of
his/her people by making the right decisions and justified judgments. A good leader works day
and night to ensure the residents are getting the right services and policies are followed. Integrity
is essential to a leader to create a good understanding of the people. Not everyone has the right
qualities to be a good leader; some leaders have bad attributes according to their background.
These leaders tend to be more self-centered in that they only look at their problems and how to
better themselves only.
Lean six sigma implementation is used in the improvement of leadership. Many
improvements have been brought about to shape up the administration before the lean six sigma
implementation. In leadership, the lean SIX SIGMA aims to improve how the services are
offered to bring out success in a far more improved way. It also looks at the public’s satisfaction,
which is getting the organization's services. Costs are also taken into consideration for the proper
balance of the sheets of the organization. Lean SIX SIGMA also helps in identifying the reduced
cost of poor quality. Leadership has embedded in cultural values and norms and affects the
leadership in an organization. Lean SIX SIGMA has improved leadership in management
strategy, and all its departments are channelized towards identifying and improving the
processes. Lean SIX SIGMA has helped many organizations to reap out the best results when
they adopt the methodology. Leadership is not a simple task in people's eyes due to
misunderstanding of the administration's ways and the various qualities. The lean six-sigma

Project 23
methodology has improved the think of the people and how they think of leadership. The
leadership is significant in any organization to move swiftly and with all policies well-observed
and followed. The lean SIX SIGMA is a substantial boost to any organization with insufficient or
reduced workforce input or services deprived of unwanted margins.

Effects of lean SIX SIGMA on leadership


Behavior is the response of the systems or organisms to various stimuli, whether
internally or externally, and voluntary or involuntary. Behavior is a form of communication that
every age group show s their emotions, feelings, body gestures, and even movement. There is
always a reason for a particular behavior that a person would portray. Behaviors are brought
about by many reasons that may be explained or not being able to interpret, but most are
understood. Humans try to understand the various behaviors they seem to undergo daily out in
their lives. Behavior is based on an individual who controls their emotions what they are feeling
from the environment or the body either externally or internally. In an organization, leadership is
mostly based on the top of the minority worker in every department. The lean six-sigma
methodology is seen to help in the control of the worker's behavior. It has made the workers
follow the written down policies to be followed easily to measure and abide. Each organization's
protocols for their workers to abide by and guide them are made clear and precise to understand
following the lean six sigma introduction in an organization. (Rahbi, 2017)


It is a group of people representing an organization or a group of people working together
with a common goal. Lean SIX SIGMA has helped to improve many organizations in bringing

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workers together to a better understanding that the workers assist each other in improving and
lifting one another. It has made sharing of work among workers justifiable and monitored the
worker's progress in their career and their health and payments on a date. Organizational
adaptation of the lean six-sigma implementation has made them have data of each of their
workers, making the workers' monitoring progress much more comfortable. The senior workers
who are authorized to check on other junior workers can track their colleagues' movement.


Competent is the ability to do something well with the right skills to meet the necessary
standard. Competency is one thing the organizations expect their workers to have and maintain
to have great results and maintain the standard. The lean six-sigma methodology implementation
has improved the organizations, making them achieve great work output scores, enhancing the
organization's significant margins of success. The success that the lean SIX SIGMA has brought
in organizations is unimaginable for the improvements evident in the annual meetings' analysis.


Transformational leadership encourages, inspires, and motivates employees to grow and
shape the success of an organization. Leaders who are focused on their work can bring out the
workers' best by motivating them and encouraging them. Through mentorship and training,
employees can track leadership skills among the upcoming young workers. The lean SIX
SIGMA has made transformational leadership by involving all the workers in an organization
from the senior to junior most by binding them with a critical goal. (Peterlin, 2018)

Standard Review in Problem
Methodology on Giving Tree

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This discussion's main view is to give an overview of the giving tree methodology, which
mainly incorporates the manufacturing and services to customers. The main aim is to improve
the outlay of certain traits in the outlined aspects. Customer satisfaction is always a significant
entity that is incorporated into the organization. Happy customers are said to be the best
advocates, and in this case, the review is based on improving the services to the customer to
make them happy.
The lean manufacturing and the SIX SIGMA tend to be the most popular techniques and
methods in promoting the above traits; the best understanding of the two helps to outlay the best
strategical measures in the improvement areas. The two mainly help identify the organization's
characteristics that do not add value or do not form the source of improvement. When the values
are viewed and outlined, finally, measures are taken to curb the matters at hand. As said in the
above discussion, lean is a strategic plan that improves the whole working system and its
strategies—the above aims to remove 'waste' in the organization, such as overproduction and
The organization needs to promote efficiency and the whole without its plans. The
organization's effectiveness can be promoted by using certain tools believed to be promoting the
whole outline. The first tool to be observed may include the balanced scorecard measuring
The system aims at the initial improvement of performance and the financial view. It
mainly deals with the strategies to be enacted to promote staff and other workers in the
organization. It helps in the formalities of the fundamental management factors in companies. It
may also be used to control funds, forming accountability in the whole work outline.

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Tools may be enacted to know the root analysis of individual traits in the organization. It
may be reviewed as a watchtower to note the leading causes of certain aspects of an
organization. The tools may be formulated whenever a problem prevails to pave more
straightforward methods for solving them. They may also be used in the formalities of
preventing future problems in an organization. The fact-findings and research in the team can be
done, putting measures, and finally making objectives to control certain organization trusts.
There may also be the use of design if experiments are commonly known as' DoE. It is
mainly used in answering specific questions in the companies, which seem to be disturbing. It
incorporates mostly the critical factors in particular projects. The tool is so common in the
formulation plans at the key stages. It provides the answer to the key measures to be taken when
starting projects and even undergoing projects. It gives the right frame, followed by the
organization to solve the organization's everyday issues. Another tool that may be of use in the
organization is the one that identifies the failures of using design. The design and framework are
fundamental in the strategic outline of improvement in the organization. It will be in the best
interest that projects are fruitful and improve the company—the failure tools hence in viewing
the weakness that may prevail when specific methodologies are put in place. The weaknesses are
minute then the appropriate measures are taken to prevent the adverse outcomes in the
There is the creation of a tool that helps in correcting mistakes in the organization. The
tools are designed so that if a mistake is made, necessary actions are taken. It forms a crucial role
in the organization's development plans by reducing the errors or the mistake seen in common in
a specific organization. The tool creates an analysis of the prevailing and potential errors in the
workplace. When the investigation is done, there is immediate elimination hence reducing the

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errors in the future. The other tool in this area is the view on the design projects' quality
functionality in an organization. The tools layout diagrams showing the causes and all entities to
improve the workplace or organization's strategy. It mainly incorporates the mathematical
outlines in the development improvement strategies that primarily focus on the services. The
main reason for using this tool is to encourage and improve customer satisfaction in the
organization. (Kalinitchenko, 2016)

Review on the International Organization Survey

In the most superficial understanding, the above mention focuses on the organization
improvement regarding tools mentioned earlier in the discussion. The methodology is used to
improve the organization's performance from a better to the greater one. It helps in the internal
growth of the organization by offering if better services to the clients. The results are based on
monitoring the processes that occur in the workplace. It encourages the effectiveness of meeting
the customers' needs and satisfying them. The methodology has principles that are enacted to
ensure that it meets all the requirements in the organization. The principles chosen are based on
objectives stipulated in the organization or a business entity.
Customer care forms one principle in the international survey of the organization. The
organization should be able to understand the needs of the customers. It is clear to note that
different customers have different specifications services. An outline should be provided to meet
the needs of specific customers. When the needs of the customers are met, there will be a
satisfactory environment. The organization should not assume that Customer service is the
Leadership is also a matter of significant concern in this area; the organization should
identify and choose leaders capable of leading the group well. Good managerial skills should be

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portrayed in the leaders of the organization. The skills and expertise should meet the services that
are much satisfactory to the organization and society. All the practices incorporated in a working
environment should be following the law and the organization's code of conduct.
The organization should also be able to engage people in the whole process of the company. The
people involved should have good qualities in a working environment; they should be very
competent in the entire work area. The competency forms a significant area of concern in
satisfying the customer's needs and meeting the organization's objectives. The main reason for
the above assumptions is to give a good working environment, hence improving the
Management of operations is also a significant concern in this scenario. The organization
should outline strategies that are functional and workable. The results to be portrayed in this area
should be very encouraging and meet the organization's needs. The governing bodies should also
be very competent in choosing their leaders and either. The people in the organization should
have experience and working spirit to enhance improvement in concern.
The organization should formulate a framework for general improvements in specified
areas. The improvement should be very functional because it provides the best results when put
in place. This will aid in the prevention of errors and misappropriation of funds in the
organization. The framework should also meet all the demands of the workplace and society. The
organization should be able to outline the evidence used in decision-making attributes. There
should be accountability in everything and what everyone does in the organization. There should
be correct and reliable data that aims to improve strategic performance. The data should also be
realistic because it is within the range that the company can achieve. The data should be easily
accessible; this reduces the time and data used when trying to reach out to projects.

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Relationship management should be in the best position to know all the parties, their work
concerns. It should be able to note the staff, workers, and customers. Contrary to that, the
organization should be able to note the specific need of the parties. It is essential to note that this
model framework helps develop, understand, and implement various organizational aspects. It
aids in monitoring, analyzing, and evaluating the organization's external and internal factors.
(Ajmera, 2017)

Leadership Characteristics and Improvements
Review Based on Lean SIX sigma.

In an organization, leadership plays a significant role in the whole working process.
Leaders are the one who decides what is best for the organization. Various methods are used in
producing the best results in the organization. Leaders should portray good skills that aid in the
improvement established in the organization. Multiple ways can be used to present the best
outcome in the organization. On the review, LEAN SIX SIGMA helps outline the best leadership
traits in the organization.
Relationship occurs based on leadership, and the lean SIX SIGMA is very important to
note that leadership is a significant factor in the success of Lean SIX sigma. Sigma is very
important in the leaders' traits, and this trait may include; communication, inspiration, and
consistency, among others. The above qualities and attributes form good leadership skills that
help in the strategic improvement of the organization. The discussion shows a framework on
how leadership traits are portrayed in the Lean SIX sigma. Note the primary purpose is to
improve performance band the work of the organization.
Firstly, it is crucial to note that certain leadership traits and styles may be used in the
organization. The diversity may occur regarding the type of companies, its entities, and the code

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of conduct. The organization should be able to outline the best leadership traits that follow their
suit. Examples of leadership styles that may occur in the organizations may include affiliative,
participative, and servant. The above types tend to vary in regards to the specific choice of the
For exemplary leadership to occur, communication must take place. It mainly entails the
flow of information from the sensor information to the junior ones. Communication should be
very useful and should be in the language that everyone in the organization understands the
communication should also be respectful; etiquette language should be to show respect. The
communication may also entail organization staff and the customers.
Motivation should also occur in the organization. It helps in the creation of a good
working spirit in the organization. The staff, workers, and the customers should be awarded bid
what they do in the organization. Motivation may also occur in the correction when someone
makes a mistake they should be kindly corrected .training may also occur in the organization, in
the sense that more knowledge is added to the administrative staff. Experts who have prior
knowledge of the entity at hand .the training finally aids in improving the quality; hence
portraying good performance should do the training. Programs should also be introduced to the
staff and the customers. The plans should be very educative and influential to all the parties in an
organization (Goldstone, 2018)


Conclusively, the empowerment that occurs in the organization comes from the senior-most
officials in the organization. The main reason is that they are the most capable ones and are also
very influential; they form the finality on many occasions and projects. It is also essential to note
that if the managers have the best empowerment and are involved in the tasks, the whole team

Project 31
improves. The managers' primary involvement that may yield success may include participation
and team-building of all staff in an organization. Tools and processes are crucial, and this mainly
occurs when used to guide systems in an organization.

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Project 33
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