Sample Research Paper on Effects of social determinant of health on COVID 19 in low income countries.

COVID 19 is one of the emerging issues of health that is highly affecting low incoming country.
COVID 19 first incidence were reported in China on December 2019 which later spread in to
different parts of the continent. According to Chapman (2010) Social determinants refer to the
places where people are born, live and There are various social determinants of health in a
developing country which include education, economic stability, health and health care and
many others.
To start with the first determinant that is education. Education is one of the
considerations that is put in place by the employment agencies and for one to acquire an
employment chance, they should possess relevant academic qualifications. decrease in the
number of employed will lead to an increase in poverty level/ difference in the level of poverty
affects the quality of education that the children are administered to, Quinn and Kumar (2014)
for example children from rich families have better access to a better quality of education than
the others. emergence of COVID 19 lead to the change of learning from physical to online
learning hence disadvantaging the children from places with high poverty level since they have
no access to the internet and the gadgets. Therefore COVID 19 had a very big impact on
In addition to that, there is economic stability which composes of many aspects which
include employment and the level of income. Kloppenburg (2020) suggested that Since the
emergence of COVID 19 in the low-income countries there have been decrease in the number of
employed since policies have been enacted to work from home, quarantines and also some staff
being given unpaid leave. This has lead o stress and other stress related disorders which put the
affected people on the risk of getting COVID 19. This has led to a decrease in the standard of

living and an increase in poverty level. Hence economic stability is one of the social
determinants affecting COVID 19 pandemic.
In conclusion the COVID 19 pandemic have affected various social determinants of
health and the government of the low-income countries have enacted different measures to curb
the spread of the COVID 19 pandemic and reduce the severe effects and impacts on this
countries/ also the low-income countries are receiving aids and donations from the well-made



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