Sample Research Paper on Importance of Surveillance Cameras

An increase in surveillance cameras in public places has brought lots of advantages that
outweigh the negative ones. Security in many places improves significantly on the installation of
these surveillance cameras. Conversely, some people complain about too many cameras
violating their privacy and confidentiality rights. Positively, the surveillance cameras have more
benefits like identifying criminals, protecting against property theft and vandalism, making
people feel safe and component for monitoring, recording, and transmitting video images.
Identification of Criminals
Surveillance cameras play a pivotal role in curbing insecurity improving livability and
creating a conducive environment for the community. In the past, the rate of criminal activities
grew exponentially with several murder cases, robbery with violence among others being
reported (Khan, 2020) . Of late, the report shows that the rate of crimes has significantly gone
down. Importantly, because of the existence of material evidence from the cameras, the police
can deter crimes from happening and the same time can quickly solve the crime cases.
Additionally, no one can harm you with the knowledge of the existence of a surveillance camera
and they are under watch (Alexandrie, 2017) . Therefore, these cameras improve vigilance and
improve livability in places that were considered insecure. The surveillance cameras also reduce
significantly the provocations that might create criminal opportunities.
Protection Against Property Theft and Vandalism
In the past, many business people have experienced insecurity daily, with several
property theft and vandalism cases being reported. In addition, business persons leave in fear of
uncertainty and risk that suppose the benefits and profits from their enterprises (La Vigne, 2011) .

Fortunately, safety had improved significantly since the introduction of surveillance cameras
along the major streets, towns, and major roads. Interestingly, no one can get away with stealing
something in the full view of a live camera recording them, they will always get caught. The
surveillance camera will be used to trace the thief and at the same time can be used to catch the
thieves while carrying out the crime (M., 2017) . Sincerely, surveillance cameras have eradicated
most of the theft cases and vandalism that were troublesome to the businessmen and investors,
therefore, improving security and a peaceful environment for the growth of the business.
Component for Monitoring, Recording, and Transmitting Video Images.
Through the analysis of videos, the identity of the person who committed a crime or who
plans to commit a crime can be easily revealed by extracting the camera footage. The
surveillance cameras provide 24 hours vigilance monitoring and recording all the activities of the
day. With video surveillance, one can simply monitor any activity be it inside or outside the
buildings and premises (Alexandrie, 2017) . Additionally, the video cameras help in the review of
the internal conflicts like, colleagues fighting, theft, sexual harassment among others in the
workplaces and offices (Khan, 2020) . Therefore, the surveillance cameras play vital roles in
evidence collection for verification and investigation and also provide staff security among
workers in various premises.
Despite the claims made by people on the violation of rights caused by these surveillance
cameras, we can see that these cameras have brought more advantages than disadvantages. The
rate of crimes in our streets, offices, homes has been reduced immensely. The risk and fear of
property theft and vandalism have also been reduced significantly. Therefore, for a better future

and improvement of livability in the whole country, the government should increase the number
of installations of these surveillance cameras in towns, cities, homes, and all the business



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