Sample Essay on Research Integrity

Maintaining the integrity of data files is paramount for ensuring that the research’s credibility and accuracy can be determined and proven. In this regard, there are several pertinent ways that researchers can use to maintain the integrity of their research, so other researchers can use them to perform other parallel researches. One of the strategies that can be used is the outlining of methodologies and results of researches in an articulate and concise manner (Nichols-Casebolt, 2012). This presents the researcher with an opportunity to view how the research was conducted, the sample group, statistical analysis used, research methodology used, and quality of the results achieved.

Another strategy that can be utilized is the linkage of one’s research to other accredited researches conducted and approved by qualified professionals, institutions, scholars, and academicians. Linking one’s research to these ensures that the results obtained for a particular research can be compared to other researches for ascertaining their viability, accuracy, scope, and diversity (Maxwell, 2012). Finally, the last strategy that a researcher can use to maintain the integrity of their research is the use of a mixed-method. This entails using both quantitative and qualitative research methodologies in the conductance of the research. This would be essential in the collection of large quantities of information from dynamic sources, performing intricate content analysis, and generating the pertinent information (Nichols-Casebolt, 2012). Using this methodology provides the researcher viewing the files with an avenue to assess the scale and scope of the research. It also allows them the opportunity to view a large volume of information presented either within the text as citation, or as appendixes to the research.


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