Sample Research Paper on Marketing modules of communication aiming towards encompassing exquisite vision

Our farm is a newly operative digital platform engaging services via different modules of
communication aiming towards encompassing exquisite vision with a large number of
people. The organization enhances the collective use of digital technology to connect farmers
with better investors to radiantly gain better output in agriculture. The corporate exercises
sustainable means so as both investors and farmers can rely on the output proposed by its
stakeholders. The digital platform of Our farm makes it quite easy for investors to look out
for suitable farmers from a range of compatible list relying upon to extend operations under
different sectors.
Competitive analysis
The main base for operations of Our farm is focused in Australia. Operating with large
dynamics the organization might induce varied competitions from other different
organizations servicing into agricultural investments. A complete SWOT analysis of Our
farm along with its competitors will eventually help the stakeholders to draw the area of
focus for business operations.
Apeel Sciences


Webster limited
(indirect )

 Apeel sciences
induce a flexible
supply chain and
 The annual revenue
generated by Apeel
Sciences is around
$70 – $250 million.

 Annual revenue of
Terviva is around $100
 The organization owns
100 employees and thus
aims to expand its
existing business
through larger scales
(Cáceres, 2015).

 Webster provides
good returns on
 The corporate
with a group of
high skilled


 Agricultural
investments for
farmers under lemon
production has been
deliberately slow
(Behzadi et al. 2018).
 The organization to
faces steep
competition from
other varied sources
such as Terviva and
the Mosaic Company.

 Terviva encompasses
large competition from
other varied farms such
as Apeel sciences,
Veronica foods and
Fibrebrand artisan
 Due to the current
recession during the
pandemic, the
organization incurred a
loss of around $50

 The
structure is
compatible but
it's limited to
current business
 The stakeholders
are weak
assessors and
thus the cash flow
for both current
and liquid ratio
can be used more

SWOT analysis of Our farm
 Our farm is accessible through varied operating systems such as android and IOS thus
accessible to a large number of investors and farmers.
 Simple website browsing makes investments easy for investors.
 Collaborating with farmers and investors will be challenging.
 Trust issues might build up with its external stakeholder due to no prevalent records.
 Australian farmers export around 60% of their agriculture. This might prove eventful
for Our farm to increase profit standard.

 The gross value of the agriculture sector in Australia is around $62.208 billion. This
counts as a huge opportunity for Our farm to expand its business.
 Our farm will incur steep competition from Webster as well as Apeel sciences and
 Our farm might enhance certain losses due to the reduction in Australian GDP by
5.2% due to the effects of pandemic (Mohsin, 2015).
Based on the competitive analysis it is assumable that Our farm incurs a huge opportunity to
grow and strengthen its business into the Australian territory due to already summoning huge
investments. The organization also incurs greater stability with its digitalized platform, which
makes it quite easy for investors to select farmers from varied agriculture. The corporate also
induces an exquisite website for an investor to make large scale investment in a systematic
manner. Thus, it can be concluded that if Our farm contemplates more towards its workforce
effective and its business sustainability the company might be able to beat both its direct and
indirect competitors.
Environmental analysis
The business of Our farm might induce several other external factors that might influence and
impact the operations of the corporate. The reason behind the fact is that aiming towards
greater prospect Our farm might encounter several constraints that ensure reducing profit
stability. A PESTEL analysis will summon the stakeholders of the organization about the
varied external factors comprehended towards influencing its business.
Australia is one among the
members of the
Commonwealth of Nations
as well as a part of the
World trade organizations.
Operating in Australia these
political factors makes it a
bigger opportunity for Our
farm to connect globally

The 2019 reports from the
agriculture sectors of
Australia confirms that
around 318,600 has been
summoned into varied
agricultural and forestry
sectors scoring a revenue of
around $62.208 billion. This
annual revenue from
Australia accounts around 1,
35,000 firm business around
which the Australian
farmers own 99%.
Australian agriculture
promotes around 1.6 million
jobs to Australian natives,
which rises the scope of
skilled farmers regulating


with investors through a
more stabilised manner
(Davis, 2015).

agriculture helps in rising
the GDP by 3% (Jones and
Madison). With such
figures, it would be quite
beneficial for Our farm to
attract investors to impound
investments into farmers of
Australia opting from
numerous agricultural

operations within their
territory. The agriculture
sector of Australia is also
culturally diverse with
around 11% of the diverse
population and 30% women.
This proves to be an
influential factor rising the
scope of business for Our
farm (Kremer and
Symmons, 2015).

The business of Our farm is
mostly based on digital
technology and thus with
14.7 million internet users
across Australia and $65
billion spend on technology
the scopes for enlarging
business might thoroughly
summon into the business
operations of Our farm.

Australia ranges to be
among the direst inhabitant
continent and certain
climatic changes summons
major risks to water
insecurity. This indeed
affects agriculture of
Australia through a vast
scale and thus comprehends
major risks into the business
of the organization.

The federal government of
Australia has recently
accelerated scrutiny policies
for foreign investments into
agriculture. Foreign
investors need to obtain a
NOC from the FIRB
department to qualify for
large-scale agriculture
investments. This too might
affect the smooth operations
of Our farm.

Demand forecast
The process of demand forecast is when the stakeholders of Our farm incorporates the
assumption of future sales by analysing their sales data and evaluating business decisions
based upon certain algorithms. The stakeholders of Our farm shall certify their demand
forecast through the below-formulated models (Bandara et al. 2019).

Outliner analysis: this model helps in detecting the outlying values in a dataset to identify
noise and improve prediction and anomalies.  A database may contain data objects that do not
comply with the general behaviour or model of the data and may be isolated to better
understand or determine impacts or calculated responses. Thus, the stakeholders of Our farm
might induce the outliner analysis to examine the general behaviour of certain variables
influencing their business.
Factor analysis: this model will help the stakeholders of Our farm to analyse the relationship
and the dependencies of certain variables into their business. Implementing the factor
analysis model will help the managing stakeholders of Our farm to predict future
developments in their business. The Chinese investors into Australian agriculture register a
revenue of around $300 million-$1 billion. This showers better future development for Our
Market segmentation, targeting and positioning statements
Market segmentation statement
The marketing segmentation statement for Our farm is to divide their market under different
groups and segments of investors and farmers inducing varied characteristics. The
stakeholders of Our farm shall mainly divide their segmentation process into four different
Demographic Geographic Behavioural
Under this category, the
stakeholders emphasize the varied
groups into which their business
agendas shall mainly be focused.
Major statistics reveals that
agricultural sector in Australia
employs around 318,600 farmers. A
survey reveals that 67% of the
Australian farmers around high
school qualified. The business focus
of Our farm should emphasize this
67% as because the operations of
the corporate is majorly based on

Under this category, the
stakeholders of Our farm shall
focus upon those regions and
areas in Australia where
agriculture is more precise and
prolonged. New South Wales,
Western Australia, South
Australia and Western Australia
are the most objectified
geography for the operations of
Our farm to induce major focus.
These are the precise regions
where agriculture takes place

Complex investors are those
who engage in heavy
investments representing large-
scale sales within a corporate.
Our farm shall target its business
operations mostly towards heavy
or complex consumers. This will
help in enriching the business
and expand profit stability.


digitalization and precise
technology. The 67% of the
educated class farmers would prove
eventual into acknowledging the
services of the corporate (Venter,
Wright and Dibb, 2015).


Psychographic Firmographics
Our farm shall try to segment their
business more towards Chinese
investors. This is because of the
degree of loyalty as Chinese
investment impounds 9.1m hectares
with 2.3 per cent of total land.
Chinese investors are quite long
time investors and thus assure a
certain degree of loyalty into the
business (Zhou, 2017). The
corporate shall also collaborate with
farmers with rich agricultural
interest i.e. inducing mixed
livestock farming. Mixed livestock
farming helps in generating more
agricultural outputs such as varied
categories of crops and livestock
under a particular firm. This will
result in better market expansion for
Our farm.

The targeted B2B audiences for
Our farm shall be the investors
based in agribusiness industries
such as Vanguard personal
investors and ESG listed
investors. The sales volume of
investment in this industry
accelerated by 30% grossing
$4.3 billion in revenue.

Market targeting statement
The basic market targeting statement for Our farm is to divide and break down their
operations and business strategies to impound precise focus upon different groups of farmers

and investors accelerating their market expansion. US, UK and Japan provide for largest
foreign investments into the agriculture of Australia (Attia et al. 2019). Our farm should
focus their business into mainly targeting these investors to promote their profit stability.
Market positioning statement
The basic market positioning statement for Our farm is to comprehend with a greater identity
and brand image to induce market expansion. Statistical reports claim that there are around
14.7 million internet users with around 96% of farmers in Australia acute to ICT. Our farm is
based on a digital platform providing its services through a website accessible via varied
operating systems thus the above figures claim that market positioning for Our farm would be
easily comprehended. Developing its brand identity might face certain constraints due to the
large competition the corporate faces from Webster and Apeel sciences.

Brand positioning
As a new entity into the market, Our farm shall be more focused into positioning itself as
there is a huge rise into competition for agricultural investments. 48.24% of the Australian
territory is under agriculture, which accounts to promote huge competition for investments
(Adina, Gabriela and Roxana-Denisa, 2015). The stakeholders of Our farm shall incorporate
the below-listed strategies for better brand positioning.
 Firstly, the stakeholders shall figure out their major competitors and the modules they
use for business operations. Our farm will induce competition from Webster and
Apeel Sciences. Identifying their module will help Our farm generate better leads.
 The service provided by Our farm shall be effective 24*7 to implement tough
competition towards the identified competitors like Webster and Orica in Australia.
 Registering as an agribusiness company Our farm needs to select and focus upon
farmers providing better quality products. This will help to generate large-scale
investments and thus standardise its brand position.
Market leaders
The market leader for agricultural investments into Australia is Webster Limited. The
corporate assembles an annual revenue of around $257 million and experts into investments
under walnut, cotton and livestock agriculture. The niche that Webster exercise is
agribusiness investments. The service that they provide is a leader into the industry and their

business model is being followed by other several corporates such as Orica, Apeel sciences
and Terviva.
Consumer adoption process
Being new into the industry of agribusiness the targeted investors and farmers of Our farm
need to comprehend with certain variables before they fully adapt towards the services
offered by the corporate. With the help of the decorative website of Our farm as well as social
media, the targeted group would be able to learn about the quality of service provided by the
organization (Sanakulov and Karjaluoto, 2015). Our farm will target their services towards
mainly heavy users or large scale investors as because they will represent a huge proportion
for their sales. As new to the industry with a year of Our farm’s operations, consumers will
be completely adopted towards its services. Listed below are the variables consumers might
induce for better adaptation.
 The consumers will be aware of the type of service Our farm provides but will
certainly lack information.
 With longer tenure, a larger group of consumers will start seeking interest in the
services provided by Our farm.
 Investors and farmers will certainly take their steps into evaluating and trailing the
service and its quality promoted by the corporate.
 Lastly being aware of every single variable about the service consumers will
completely adopt towards the services.
Pricing strategy
The stakeholders of Our farm shall enhance the competitive pricing strategy. This strategy
helps in setting up the basic price of the services based upon the revolving competition. With
growing up of numerous agribusiness corporates, the demand for investing in Australian
agriculture will rise by 35.9 million near 2050. Thus, the level of the price should be kept low
based on the increasing competition summoning to attract big investors.
Marketing plan
Our farm is a start-up based upon agribusiness investments making investments into
agriculture easy with website access. The main motto for the organization is to formulate an
easy life for farmers expanding their business without comprehending for huge loans and
investments. Below listed are the variables for a better marketing plan for Our farm.


Retail marketing plan
The stakeholders of Our farm shall mainly focus on regions where agriculture is more
expandable in Australia. As Australia, accounts into 48.24% in agriculture the business focus
should mainly lead to areas such as NSW and Victoria. The prolonged investors and farmers
of these areas shall be covered with the help of social media, SMS marketing and Email
marketing informing about the service quality Our farm offers (Wood and Jobber, 2016).
Wholesale marketing plan
Referral investors and farmers shall be offered with incentives, which will eventually help the
business of Our farm grow through an optimized manner. Cash and trade discounts with
better stock merchandise are exquisite wholesale marketing plan for engaging larger investors
globally (Han et al. 2019).
Logistical marketing plan
The stakeholders of Our farm should be quite precise into defining their services exquisitely
into their website. This will surely attract more of investors and farmers and thus formulate
better business propaganda for the corporate to uphold.
Integrated marketing communication mix
Communication Purpose Medium Frequency Audience
Sudden meetings This will help
in discussing
the vision,
mission and the
objectives of
Our farm with
its stakeholders.
The meeting
will also help in
deriving the
standard of the

meetings will
be more
eventful under
this agenda.

Once in a

Both internal
and external
along with the

Project meetings This will helps
in deriving the

Face to face,
meetings as

Once or twice
in a month

members along


status of the
current project
as well as focus
on the ongoing
within the

well as video
will be

with the team
leaders and


This meeting
will be focused
on the
revolving the
investment by
concerned upon

A face-to-face
meeting will be
more effective.

Once or twice a

Current and
heavy investors
of Our farm
along with

Monthly project
status meeting.

The main
purpose of the
meeting is to
deliver the
status of any
ongoing project
and to derive
effectiveness of
the functioning
project team

medium is more

Once in every

members along
with team

Project status The focus of In-person Once annually The project


report this meeting is
to figure out the
annual project
cost and
boundaries into
the functioning
of the team.

meeting with
the project

leader along
with the board
of directors.

Our farm can also focus on some other integrated marketing communication tools. Listed
below are some other tools for better marketing communication.
Mobile marketing: With the help of mobile marketing, Our farm can interact with their
prolonged investors via SMS and emails. The corporate can also inspire investors and farmers
to access their website through any operating system such as android and IOS and gather
collective information about their services (Naumovska and Blazeska, 2016).
Trade Shows, Webinars, & Seminars: trade shows, webinars and seminars help the
stakeholders of Our farm to communicate well-targeted audiences about their marketing
vision, mission and objectives. Trade shows allow consumers to meet with brand
representatives face-to-face, providing a more personable experience. Thus, it will help
derive better consumer engagement for Our farm to prosper.
Communication media
Our farm will be accessible encompassing varied operating systems such as windows and
IOS. With the help of its website all kinds of investors and farmers and access the
information about the organization’s services. Numerous information based upon the services
of the corporate is available on social media sites and throughout the internet. Our farm can
also collaborate with banking sectors to roll out large advertisements incorporating bigger
investors globally. Word of mouth is one of the most effective means of sourcing out
information about the exquisite services provided by Our farm. Agribusiness has been
evolving with numerous corporate and thus Our farm to stand out should advertise their
services into varied social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Web
advertisements including SEO and blogging are also quite effective into visualizing better
business tactic for Storefront to induce. The targeted investors of Our farm can also be well
communicated with the help of television advertisements. Promotional email is another

bigger source, which will lead to the engagement of larger investors thus helping the
corporate expand its market. Pinterest also promotes to be another better means of
communication as it encompasses varied investors looking out for better firms for
agribusiness investments. Relevant details provided with sufficient facts will help Our farm
showcase its services through a more exquisite manner. The company website shall be highly
decorative elaborating about the company vision, mission and its major objectives to promote
agribusiness investments. Sponsoring in trade-offs and advertisements into publicity forums
will help the Our farm to communicate well about its business agendas towards numerous
investors at a time.
The above research has been successful in highlighting certain marketing factors that need to
be looked upon by the stakeholders of Our farm before inducing into agribusiness operations.
The research has also led out to emphasize upon variables about different factors that can
affect and influence the business of Our farm. The varied communicational factors developed
into the research evolves out the modules of communication Our farm can implement as well
as the numerous segmentation process that can ensure towards better business.


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