Sample Research Paper on Analyzing Go-To-Market Strategy in GoPro Company

Marketing determines the performance of products in thse market by influencing
consumer decisions. Today, organizations are in a better position to outreach consumers at the
global level by the use of the internet. GoToMarket strategy determines how a business connects
to the consumers in fulfilling the promise on the value of a product (Bueno). In this case, GoPro
shows an exemplary approach to compete with other camera suppliers by utilization of
optimization technique on the internet. Indeed, the organization engages the consumers to feel
like part of decision-makers. As a result, GoPro has managed to establish effective B2C
channels while at the same time using B2C connections to increase their sales. However, too
much investment in drones segment is a risk to face stiff competition; thus, requiring the
company to identify expansion channels.

B2B and B2C Channels

Business to the business relationship is part of the supply chain, which has been utilized
in online-based marketing to increase sales. GoPro considers B2B channels as part of their
success in marketing cameras to the potential consumers. The company works with other online-
based companies to promote wholesalers to retailers in the camera business. GoPro has a
membership plan that gives its customers an option to choose on the most appropriate

partnership. Business customer connections manifest when GoPro links retailers to consumers
through the website (GroPro). In both B2C and B2B channels GoPro regulates terms of a
relationship like controlling inappropriate exportation of its products or selling other products
rather than the GoPro’s.

Main Marketing Campaign Strategy

After reviewing companies operations on the website, GoPro uses consumer-generated
information to advertise products to other consumers. Marketing strategy refers to the tactics that
the company applies to convince buyers in the target to consider and purchase the products
(Bueno). Indeed, customers are the marketing agents to make other consumers feel connected
and engaged. Also, the company utilizes the opportunity provided by social media to reach a
large number of audiences. Currently, social media is identified as an active channel for reaching
the target population (Glucksman 77). Lifestyle influencers are actively involved in youtube,
snap chat, Instagram and Twitter. Besides, GoPro uses celebrity endorsement to motivate
consumers by implying a social utility of the product. For example, Shawn White has been hired
to promote a camera while presenting a snowboarder (Joachimsthaler 1). The positive experience
by the celebrity on cameras creates a public impression of product satisfaction.
Major Risk Factors the Chosen Drone Segment Faces

The drones segment is gradually appealing, unfit for GoPro’s profitability. A company
should invest in processes that reduce the cost of operation and maximize returns to be
competitive. Currently, the number of competitors in the drone segment is increasing while high
production cost and the need for innovation sustain (Vincent 1). If the company does not identify
new market segments, it might start accounting losses.


Expansion Channels in Sales and Marketing

The company is operating in the technology sector, which implies many opportunities for
recovering from competition. Since the drone market is becoming costly and competitive, the
company has a chance for diversification. Market diversification would entail venturing market
using different products and the same technology base (Scur 207). Also, GoPro would still
maintain current customers while expanding its operations. For example, the company can
introduce security cameras and cams in the same and new markets.
Recommendations in GoPro Marketing Campaigns

Notably, the company is reliant on its customers to be express marketers of its products
through user-generated information. Indeed, the company is not selling the real product but
sharing user-generated content through social media. This approach poses risks of losing
reputation if consumers blow a whistle on a faulty product. The same procedure the message
spread to millions would be the same to cover negative experiences. The social media poses
great opportunities for spreading messages to millions of people at a low cost. GoPro should
ensure the cameras are exceptional in reality to avoid losing consumer trust through irrational
public relations. As a result, GoPro will meet the expectations of an effective GoToMarket
strategy through diversification.


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