Sample Research Paper on Importance of Team Based Care Model in Healthcare

One of the importance of the team-based care model in healthcare interventions is to
improve patients' experience in ways that make them feel inclusive and equal. Teamwork is an
essential practice in healthcare facilities. Thus, when doctors, nurses, and physicians work in
partnership, it improves patient outcomes. Teamwork improves effective communication. For
example, developing a good rapport and listening habits is essential for improved patient
satisfaction. Another one is collaborative work between the team caregivers and the patients
enhancing safety and quality delivery of health services (Wen & Schulman, 2014).
Another potential benefit of team-based care models is the expansion of access to care.
Maximized access to care reduces the length of stay in the hospital because there is enough time
for coverage of patients and shorter wait periods amongst patients. For example, patients with
severe medical conditions get to be attended to in time. Additionally, full access to care reduces
extreme events for hospitalized patients. They are improving overall care delivery to patients
(Goldstone, 2021).
Implementation of team-based care models has enhanced cost-effectiveness for patients.
The team's primary focus is on cost-controlling activities. For instance, they are providing non-
visit care options, which would otherwise incur higher treatment costs on treatment on patients'
side. Additionally, team-based provide similar care, for example, nurse visits for hypertension
treatment, making treatment much more affordable (Mitchell, 2019).



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