Sample Research Paper on A Qualitative Analysis of the Leadership Style of a Vice-Chancellor in a Private University in Malaysia

Leadership is very vital as it provides guidance in the contemporary world. The author
defines leadership as the process of supporting and enabling a group of people to achieve a
common goal. As result, there are many different types of leadership styles employed by the
people who want to influence a certain group of people to follow their course. Analysis of the
leadership styles is very important to be able to identify the best leadership style amongst the
many. According to the article, managers often use only one or two frames, but effective leaders
use three or more frames. Therefore, there are leaders who prefer using many different leadership
styles increasing their level of cognitive. The author suggests that employing many of the frames
increasing the chances of success in leadership. The most important frames of leadership
according to the author include the structural, human resource, political, and symbolic. The
structural frame focuses on the efficiency and goals. The political frame assumes that all
organizations comprise of interest groups and individuals who compete for the available scarce
In Malaysia, vice chancellors in private universities employ the different types of the
leadership styles to facilitate advancements in the diversity initiatives. The author used semi-
structured interviews to get to know the different leadership styles used by the vice chancellors
in Malaysia. Interviews was the best method when determining the feelings, impressions as well
as thoughts. I agree with the author because this was a qualitative study. According to the article,
the structural frame of leadership is preferred by one of the vice chancellors interviewed. The
vice chancellors using multiple of the frames have success leadership as well as the one which is

The article is great and the research done is impressive. I agree with the author that the
vice-chancellor using multi-frame leadership style influences the effectiveness of the
organization with his strategies that is outcome-focused. Besides, the leadership style encourages
employee involvement as well as empowerment when it comes to making crucial decisions in the
organization. Also, the employees are inspired with the stories of the vice chancellor. As a result,
greater teamwork, commitment, communication, empowerment, and recognition which may
lead to organizational success is encouraged.