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Research Paper on Why is the MX-5 two-seat convertible sports car the bestselling car in History?

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Research Paper on Why is the MX-5 two-seat convertible sports car the bestselling car in History?

Executive summary

The MX-5 is the best sports car right now, and it has some features that are making it distinct and unique as well as more appealing to the client. The company has given so much to the design, and it has also taken a lot of consideration when it comes to the customer’s suggestions and critiques (Farhad 2015). These have helped the company to grow and have a whole marketplace as it dominates over some years. The car has the best body and design, and it is beautiful, the model promotes its sales as well as the new experience that the customers get each time the new product is on the market.  The company usually targets the weaknesses which are not solved by other businesses and capitalize on them by ensuring that they get the best out of the weaknesses which are not addressed by many companies (Sam 2015).

    The success of the company is evident as the company has capitalized in ensuring that the customer get the best always and the competitors never fit into its shoes by coming up with new ideas each time to ensure the organization shine by all means possible. The secret of the team is to place the interest of the customers ahead as well as ensuring there is something new each time they come up with a given product (Farhad 2015). The little secret has enabled the organization to strive greatly as well as have the demand that any other company can die for thus the brand is away ahead of its competitors, and still they promise more to its customers as the new models will be faster and lighter.  Also, the models will have the ability to produce less carbon dioxide to the environment.





    The MX-5 is a small car, lightweight, rear-wheel drive car which is powered by a naturally aspirated engine and equipped with a manual gearbox. It is a Japanese-born automotive brand Mazda that prides itself on producing cars that defy convention and not the traditional sense. The car is well known to the world, and it has a big number of buyers, and many do prefer to buy this type of car as compared to other brands in the world. The company has its secret as to why the brand is most preferred as it has been at the top for a very long time now (Ponchard 2016). The question that many are asking I what the secret behind its success is and what is the company doing so unique that it has maintained its market dominance for all this long by outshining its competitors. Most businesses to launch the cars but they fail but when it comes to the Mazda MX-5 the launch is successful as many people will always but the products of the Mazda Mx-5. That’s why it is the best –selling two-seater sports car (Farhad 2015).

    The company is the first Japanese car manufacturer to win the Le Mans 24-hour race back in 1991 with the 787B rotary-engine race car.  The brand of the enterprise is also proactive when it comes to the issues of environmental conservation (Ponchard 2016). The brand always dedicates it’s time to ensuring that the amount of carbon dioxide which the car produce is as small as possible so as to avoid polluting the environment which means that the company also takes into consideration of the environmental issues. The environment conservation is not a usual case for other vehicle companies as some of the vehicles do produce a lot of smoke which full of carb dioxide and this affects the environment negatively as it is not environmental friendly (Farhad 2015).



Why is the MX-5 two-seat convertible sports car the bestselling car in History?

The MX-5 is the leading brand regarding sales and regarding having the largest market as far as the vehicle is concerned which means that the company must have a particular character which the consumers like about the company and that’s why they are going for that specific brand. As a result, the company is outstanding and still shining for a very long time. Here are some of the reasons why the company is doing so well (Ponchard 2016).The brand offers the people with the ability to its new MX-5 model through the ‘play’ and ‘Drive’ experiences. The company offers the customers new, unexpected experiences each time they come up with a new brand, and this is one of the reasons why many people prefer the company than any other (Sam 2015).  The customers always want to see a something new in all the products. The company always dominates in the level of creativity that they offer to the customers as well as how they interact with the customers makes it unique. The experiences that the customers experience each time a brand from the MX-5 make the organization to be ahead of its competitors by far.

    The design of the MX-5 brand is unique and beautiful. The companies have a single model as well as beautiful physical features. Most customers want to have a nice car with a single example, and that’s why they prefer the MX-5 as it has the best model which no other company has such model. Each time the company comes with a new brand, it takes into consideration about its body and ensures it is unique than the previous model thus it outplays its competitors as they are not able to defeat the company when it comes to designing the body of the car. The competitors have tried to copy cut the body design of MX-5, but they are not able to get it as the designers are always one step ahead of its competitors (Sam 2015).

    The company encourages the customers to give suggestions of the kind of car they always dream off as well as have the ability to listen to their clients. Due to the tendency of looking and taking the customers advice into consideration enables the company to top always as the customers are involved in the design and each suggestion was given is considered and implemented in the future models. Thus the customers will tend to buy what they love and what makes them feel appreciated (Ponchard 2016). The car is classy, this one of the most reason why many want to have the model as the car is classic and stylish. The MX-5 is very comfortable as well as pretty regarding the look and how the society rates that given organization. Once someone has such a car, he or she is considered to be classy and stylish. It is a good car when one want to have a real time as well as able to be comfortable when driving it as well (Farhad 2015).

    The car has the best driving experience. Most of the people buy it due to its excellent driving experience. Each one what to have the best experience when driving, that is whereby no complications when driving as compared too many other cars in the market. Because most people have the best experience with MX-5, they will always buy it and give it the best rating over other vehicles. The competitors work hard to bridge the gap, but still, they are unable as the company keeps on coming up with new other experiences (Sam 2015). The company utilized the weakness of other societies when they designed the car, and they always analyze what is missing in the market as far the automotive market is concerned, and they focus on improving the experience of the car. Due to their ability to design the vehicle to bridge the gap that the competitors are unable to deal with makes them the best company in the world and they will keep their domination in the market. As the organization promise to maintain their customers happy and always give them what they want to have and consider them each time they come up with a new brand (Ponchard 2016).

    The car has an excellent market rating as compared to other companies. Each time someone wants to buy a car, he or she will always do some research to find out which car on the market is rated and is having good remarks as far as the customer’s satisfaction is concerned. Due to the rating in the world the company keeps on dominating the market and can get to the customers’ hearts easily, and they keep on having a good reputation as far as the companies’ rating is concerned. Once a given group has a positive rating, the clients will buy in large number as the rating signifies that the quality is high and qualities all that matter to the customers (Sam 2015). The car is more luxurious than any other sporting car in the world. The company gives the customers the most luxurious car on earth, and this is one the most benefits that it has over its competitors. The car keeps on evolving regarding being more luxurious each time the new model is out. The clients are always on the look to get to see which car is taking into consideration of the level of laxity of the car, other companies have given it a try, but they are not as good as MX-5. The car is so luxurious and then clients prefer it than any other (Farhad 2015).

Mx-5 has a high spending power as compare to other existing models. Many people consider the MX-5 to be a roadster meaning it is more preferred than any other and it has a high power than any sporting car. The car is improving each time they design the new model and increasing the spending capacity as preferred by the clients who suggest that they want it faster as well as more reliable regarding speed (Ponchard 2016). The car has a soft top. When the weather is too hot one can take down the roof and be able to control the temperature conditions of the car, and when it begins to rain you can put back the roof. The functionality makes it unique and extraordinary to the clients, and these feature is enabling it to be at the top. The feature is easy to use as it not complicated the company ensured that the feature is as is to use as possible not make it hard for the users who might not have an experience or the one who is not learned much. Each one what to have a car that it is easy to access all its features and use them without having to think a lot or take much time to figure out on what to do (Sam 2015).

One can modify his or her car, the functionality is excellent, and it is liked by many people as one can amend the vehicle into the kind which he or she is comfortable with such a car. MX-5 has a broad range of modification parts available to the user, and one can make a touch quickly as well as personality. Many people enjoy making the changes themselves as it makes them have their care in the way each one needs. The modification feature is important where the user will have to do it how it benefits him, or her more as well as be able to have the modification the personal preferences (Sam 2015). The feature outshines the other companies as they do not have such kind of feature. The car is not too expensive. Comparing the functionality of the car with the price at which it sells, it is clear that the car is not expensive as other companies sell cars at a higher price with much lesser functionality (Ponchard 2016). There are many cars which are expensive but when one identifies the features as well as the speed and the level of luxury the car is not on sale at such at that high price. Thus the MX-5 is not expensive as it has way more functionalities than the cars solve by its competitors.

    It is a Mazda, the name of the organization is well known to many people around the world as it is popular and the clients will always want to be part of such big and noble organization. The name is significant, and it is respected, and as a result, the people will go for the most famous company as they all know that it is famous. Due to the better services that they offer to the customers as well the brand they produce is of high quality and gives one the best feeling when driving in such a car (Farhad 2015).The MX-5 will have a long life span than any other sports car in the world. The body is made up of the durable materials which can sustain adverse environmental conditions as well able to sustain the injuries and be straightened again back to its original shape. Its ability to survive and last for so long than any other type of sports car the customers will go for it as it will be of great benefit to them and it will last for long and its life span in never compared to any other car in the world at the moment The MX-5 is secure in case of an accident the survivor chances are high as compared to other vehicles (Sam 2015). The organization has come up with measures of protecting the users of their brands by including new technology in the care system as well as the car can be able to sense the corners and warn the driver to be careful. The guidance, as well as the GPS, is one of the safety measures which is making the company unique as well have a significant number of buyers all over the world as they keep in improving regarding making the car more secure to the users (Ponchard 2016).












Farhad Manjoo (2015). “In Silicon Valley, and Auto Racing Becomes a Favorite Hobby for Tech Elites.” The New York Times. Retrieved March 27, 2015. “The most popular car for racing enthusiasts is a Mazda Miata.

Ponchard, Nathan (2016). “2016 Wheels Car of the Year Winner: Mazda MX-5”. Wheels Magazine. Australia.

Sam Abuelsamid. (2015). “Mazda MX-5 to celebrate 20th birthday at Le Mans”.

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Research Paper on Why is the MX-5 two-seat convertible sports car the bestselling car in History?

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Research Paper on Why is the MX-5 two-seat convertible sports car the bestselling car in History?

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Research Paper on Why is the MX-5 two-seat convertible sports car the bestselling car in History?

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