Sample Theology Essay Paper on The Parables of the Wise Steward

The parable of the wise steward, as read in the book of Luke, has attracted a different
understanding of the message from different commentators. While Notley’s note focus more on
the explanation of the parable to prudent use of wealth, Craig Evans version relates the same
parables more to the forgiveness.
While Notley reads about the subjects of forgiveness, he referred to a parable of the wise
steward that Jesus had used to teach on the principle of forgiveness. Jesus used debt as a subject
to introduce sin and forgiveness, and it is the reason Notley invoke this parable. That the master,
came to know of the usury that his manager had committed and decided to send him packing,
knowing his dire situation he decided to take the unusual step of forgiving a portion of the wealth
owed master a step that will ingratiate himself with these debtors and guarantee him a better life
after being dismissal
In some sense, I agree with what the servant had done, that, knowing his situation was
about to end, he had to think of a solution which will guarantee him a better life ahead. And as
noted, the master praised the dishonest manager.
The moral of the parable is translated in such a manner that the manager ends up praising
the shrewd steps that his manager had taken to guarantee his future life. Jesus meant to imply
that his followers should emulate the prudence that the shrewd manager had by urging believers
not to overlook worldly resources and opportunities in a guest of advancing Christian mission.
That they utilize resources in their exposal, such that when it is gone, they are guaranteed the
eternal dwellings.