Sample Paper on Ten Commandments in the Current World

The Ten Commandments are written in the books of Exodus 20 and Deuteronomy 5 in the Old Testament of the Holy bible. The Commandments give guidelines how we, humans, are supposed to live with others and what God expects from us. However, nobody has followed and will ever follow the Ten Commandments perfectly because of our human nature. This is due to the fact that we are sinful. The authority of the Commandments serves as the reference point for our spiritual life. They remind us of how we ought to live. Therefore, we can never measure up to standards of the Ten Commandments but can always try to adjust to them.

Today, the legal force of the Ten Commandments is more questionable than ever. The humanity ignores their requirements. In other words, it is a choice for one to follow Commandments as compared to the olden days of the Bible. For instance, people could be victimized and stoned for breaking any of the Ten Commandments. Christians often refer to them for moral guidance. The Commandments in several ways play part in the human conscience. Their reasonableness is far much indispensable since today we can live with others in line with the observation of refraining from vices such as killings, theft, and immorality. All these points to the validity of the Ten Commandments in human moral restraints. On the other hand, Christians obey God and fear Him today as a result of warnings stipulated in the Ten Commandments. For example, one of the Commandment states you shall have no other gods before Him. This is reasonable because if Christians believe that He is the superior divinity that it would be unreasonable to worship any idols.

Summing it up, it should be said that due to the human nature it is impossible to completely follow all the Commandments. Moreover, in today’s world, people seem to have forgotten how to live a righteous life. Nonetheless, we all should try to follow these guidelines in order to be in harmony with ourselves and the God.