Sample Paper on Early Believers

Question one

When Stephen was dying as a martyr, he was in the spirit and he gazed into the heavens. It was at this point that he saw the glory of God and more so he saw Jesus standing at the right hand of God. Stephen started as a betrayer of the gospel where he persecuted those who believed in the gospel and in this case he was being persecuted for the sake of the same gospel. This was a major confirmation of the truthfulness of the gospel, the teaching of Jesus Christ, and even life after death for Christians.

The vision was a hand up that God does not reside in the earthly temples that have been manmade, rather he resides in heaven. Hence this gave the image of the supernatural nature of God and the confirmation that Jesus was not a son of man. The vision portrays Jesus as a being who deserves worship just as His father is worshiped hence the unveiling of the true image of Jesus Christ. This showed that despite of being made to suffer due to the gospel of Christ, God was still on Stephen’s side and I his state he was made an eye witness of Jesus and Him being alive and in glory.

The same words that were used to humiliate Jesus were used during Stephen’s vision to showcase the eternal state of the son of man (Bible Hub n.p).

Question two

Cornelius was a family man who was really devoted in God’s ministry, he was devoted and feared God, more so he gave alms generously to the people and he always prayed to God. It was during his prayer time that an angel appeared to him and sent him to Simon Peter. This shows the strict program that he used for prayers. The significance of Peter preaching to him was that Peter was being used as a vessel by God in order to pass the message to the relevant people. Peters’s preaching to Cornelius showed and portrayed how God works in different ways and how he communicates to His people differently. The preaching brought about the perception of having important people in the kingdom of God. God is the overall and He is worshiped for that sake hence He has the mandate to judge who is worthy of meeting Him and even getting life after death. Peter being the messenger delivered the message, being that God is not a respecter of persons; Cornelius got saved (Acts 10- Cornelius, Peter, and Conversion of Gentiles n.p).

Question three

Barnabas and Saul took their time in Antioch to preach the gospel and they had so many converts, the church was growing in numbers. This resulted to those of Jesus’ side or party be called Christians, there was a sign of dropping down all the other titles to take Christians as the universal title of identity. Due to the church’s development in the teachings of Christ, it was necessary to make distinction of the entire church form Judaism.  There was still a major conflict in Jerusalem about Judaism and its teachings; this was a barrier to call the followers of Christ as Christians (Sermons and Devotional Messages n.p). The Law of Moses was still being practiced by many and incorporating Jesus teachings was a challenge to them. Even after the death and resurrection of Jesus they insisted on using the Law of Moses (A Study of Denominations n.p).

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