Sample Essay Paper on Crime

A crime is an action or omission that constitutes an offense that maybe punishable by law and may be prosecuted by the state (Manza 89). Genetics determine our personality traits and a predisposition to personality disorders. Some people are born aggressive and over react when offended. Others are naturally calm or passive and do not feel the need to compete for retaliation when offended. Aggressive people may take matters into their own hands and commit a criminal offense, which is punishable by law (Manza 67). People who are born with personality disorders may have poor coping skills, which may induce stress. A person who is under high stress levels may commit a crime because he is not in a stable state of mind.  The crime could be punishable by law and the offender would undergo treatment behind bars. An adopted child can be raised in a secure and loving home but will eventually engage in criminal behavior in his youth or adult life. The child will engage in crime because of a personality disorder, which is a genetic predisposition.

Racial disparity exists when the population of a racial group is greater within the control of the system than the proportion in the greater populations. For example, in the juvenile justice system the number of black youths is more than white youths. The main factor that causes racial disparity is bias. Black people are more likely to be arrested than any other race in the America. Black drivers are stopped to search if they are carrying weapons more than white drivers are. In states where majority dwellers are white, only blacks are summoned for petty crime cases (Manza 60). Economic gaps and education gaps are also a contributing factor towards racial disparity. Detroit is a city that is known for poverty, a failing school system, and violent crime. Most people arrested near shopping malls that are neighboring Detroit come from Detroit and not nearby cities.


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