Sample Essay on The theme of Common Humanity in Cervantes’ Don Quixote

Common humanity can be referred to human condition or nature or human beings as a group. Don Quixote portrays the theme or perception of common humanity mostly by sharing some of the encounters he underwent. The issue of ideological and political differences is eminent in this piece as we are able to learn that the author at a very young age was part of Spanish military contingent that took part in the fight against ‘hostile’ nations. These wars were largely fuelled by political differences between nations or by boundary or territorial interference. The idea of intolerance is also eminent as we learn that the author with his brother were kidnapped and sold to Muslims (the moors) who were long-time foes of the Catholic. This brings about the idea of slavery which was largely practiced and mostly exerted on the lesser advantaged nations or the poor. The immorality and unfair treatment of individuals like segregation is highlighted in this work.

The author enlightens the readers about the inns which he notices were the only place where ‘common’ people would meet and share stories or interact socially. The other notable humanity or human nature in this book is greed. This is shown when the author points out that upon ascending to power, the leaders in this context referred to as rulers due to their nature of leadership are largely driven by self-agendas and not for the good of the general public. The concept of meaning of life is shown in this piece notably at the late stages of Don Quixote’s life and other mentioned characters who enthusiastically created the life they wanted despite their age. In addition, the nature of Chivalric love is portrayed by characters notably Don Quixote and Fernando. The difference is that Don Quixote is caring and magnanimous as he is much determined to keep his lady happy at all times even at difficult times. Contrary to this, Fernando is different as he seems not to care much and can be explained as one who is self-centred and is mostly concerned on that which benefits him.

My personal reflection about this theme is that individuals in current society should adopt the good and positive morals highlighted and work on those that seem to be immoral. People regardless of their racial and social status should embrace and extend love and support to their colleagues moreover in times of need. This will help in strengthening cordial relationship, peaceful coexistence and also nurturing the young by guiding them in the correct ways of life. It is through love that the notable gap and soar relationship between different religions will be closed and tolerance experienced among them. The issue of meaning of life should be not be taken lightly as it is advisable for individuals to acknowledge that human life is sacred and hence value others and refrain from causing harm to them. Individuals should understand that they are equal and work towards helping each other achieve their desired dreams through encouragement, moral and material support. Occasions that call for violation of human rights like civil wars mostly influenced by political activities should be solved amicably to avoid loss of life and suffering of the affected individuals.

Lastly, positive human morals should be embraced and immoral behaviors like greed, hate and radicalization should be discouraged for the prosperity of the subject nation. People should be more concerned about transforming lives and avoid sabotaging or hampering the dreams of others. Individuals should be honest, loving, caring, and concerned towards others.