Sample Essay on Sacred Places

Sacred Places

After war, battlefields become venerated as sacred sites. This is because winged female creatures are often seen hovering over battlefields in search for warriors who fought bravely during the war. The winged female creatures symbolize sacredness because they spirit the slain victims of war away to a mythical place. At the mythical place, gods while enjoying a sumptuous feast entertain the slain victims and their spirits continue with the war among themselves.

Other civic places that are believed to be sacred include the Magyar Pieta in Hungary, which reflects a historical national identity as it is believed to be a place where people met to hold civic functions and activities. The Magyar Pieta also reflects religious sacredness because it was regarded as a holy place, and sometimes, people worshipped at the site. St. Stephen’s Basilica in Hungary reflects a historical national identity because it is a place where people met for Social activities and functions such as contemporary musical performances. It has also been used as a tourist attraction site in Hungary. Conversely, the site reflects religious sacredness because it is a church where people worship.

Civic sacred places have had an influence on culture and politics of several countries. For example in the US, it is a daily occurrence for women in elaborate Southern dress to walk up and down the sidewalk in Gettysburg. Men are also seen dressed as soldiers carrying muskets and swords when visiting the site. It is an indication of how Gettysburg has influenced their culture. Politicians in the US also capitalize on civic sacred places to strengthen their politics. For example, President Lincoln gained tremendous popularity through his speech on Gettysburg that is believed to be the greatest public speech ever. In Britain, the government has been in the forefront in protecting civil sacred places, and this has given the people in power a political advantage.

Civic sacred places are of great value in the modern world. Across the world, people have used them for religious functions. This can be seen in the case of Hungary where the Saint Stephen’s Basilica is a place of worship currently.

From Desjardin’s perception, through the discussion of the Valkyries and Valhalla, the community as well as politicians respects civic sacred places. The manners in which US politicians treat civic sacred places indicate how important they are. In fact, civic sacred places in the discussion are seen to have an influence on US’s cultural and political activities.