Sample Essay on Islamic Religion and Roots

Islamic religion is the second largest religion in the world. It incorporates the idea and cultures of the Arabic, Jewish and Christian cultures. The Islam religion believes in one supreme God Allah, the God Allah is portrayed as all-knowing and very powerful. The Allah in the seventh century appointed one single elder Mohamed and it is through Mohamed that other Muslims go to ask for intervention for God. However, before the current Islamic religion the Arabic Muslims believed in the many gods. These gods were made of images and carvings modeled in variety of shapes. Additionally, the gods were offered blood sacrifice to cement worship. It is from the previous practices that the Muslims acquired its roots and beliefs. The beliefs include the believe in Mohamed, life after death and the sharia laws.

As we all humans have the authority to look up to so is Mohamed, he is regarded highestserved teacher in the Islamic religion and his teachings are preserved in the holy book Quran. The Quran is regarded special book as it contains the stories of the high priest and also the teacher, Mohamed. Muslims also see the Quran as powerful since they believe angel Gabriel, who himself took part in writing the Quran. Moreover, the Muslims believes in life after death when one dies the body continues to exit in the spiritual form. Our belief in life after death encourages us to shy away from sin. Apparently, the faith of life after death are among core fundamental beliefs in our religion. A person of faith cannot talk of Islam religion without mentioning humanity concept, Islamic religion promotes the peaceful leaving among others, the religion also states that no one should judge the character of an individual but Allah himself. Apparently, the religion ethics is more straight as value they adopt the Sharia Islamic law and Quran law. It is from this ethics of Sharia law that human morals are strictly followed, the immoral acts such as homosexuality is a sinful act.

Islamic worship has two main holidays for serving Allah, Id Al-Fitri and Al Adha which the Muslim’s celebrate the birth of Mohamed. This reminds them how to relate with others across the world. Additionally, Muslim salvation is only given by one true God.