Sample Critical Thinking Paper on Summary: Gospel According to Mark

In chapter six of the Gospel according to Mark, the main prevalent issues are the turns of events that occurred during the birth of Jesus of Nazareth. The script has a retrospective connotation in the birth of Jesus in terms of the time and duration of his growth. The authorship of this chapter is not known but it is associated with Mark, the ancient disciple of Jesus and a friend to peter. Apocalyptic Christianity is also seen in this chapter and Mark is keen to accentuate the fact that there were some problems with the disciples of Jesus (BoethiusandWalsh 24). For example, in the readings, the Apocalyptic Christianity is revealed when the author discloses a post resurrection and passion narrative about Jesus.

Throughout this reading, Mark portrays Jesus of Nazareth as a man who is racing against time. Additionally, he is perceived as a person who was preordained to suffer for the sinners and eventually die. The audience of this reading, as postulated in the mindset of Mark, is the people who were living outside the boundaries of Palestine but were deemed to be Christian gentiles who were associated with the Roman Empire (Carsonand Douglas 76). The presentation of Herod the Great in this era according to Mark was acceleration for the Messiah to fulfill his purpose in the most appropriate way and not to bring impunity to the populace of Palestine as other Gospel books accentuates it.

This script is believed to have been authored in the 65-70 C.E and it was built to reveal the messianic secret. Herod took up his Kingship of Palestine in 37C.E while Jesus, whom he had heard about, was born in n 6-4 B.C.E. The Jewish war that occurs around 70 C.E brings on board the destruction of Jerusalem and the Temple (Cory 55). These are some of the unique events that Mark accounts, which are missing in other books.


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