Sample Essay on Nonverbal Communication

Lecture Room – Morning – 8:00 a.m. – 2 Days to Exam Day

The students are rushing in to settle in class as they await their lecture. Their facial expressions represent eagerness and zeal to grasp the lecture content. The lecturer enters the class. Their body posture is shoulders high. When they need to borrow something from their fellow student, they touch to alert them avoiding whispering which causes disruptions in the learning process. The appearance of the students is official. They have dressed officially and none of them is dressed in casual wear such as jeans. Since it is just two days to the exam, the psychology of the students’ changes rapidly to a state where they pay heavy attention to whatever is being said. They occupy space on their desks with both arms on the desk widely spaced. Their voice clarity and sound is clear. The students maintain eye contact with the lecturer throughout the lesson.

Finance Office – Lunch Hour – 1:00 p.m. – 1 week to the Sitting of the Examination

There is a long queue outside the finance office as the students seek to get a clean bill of health on their financial statements. The facial expressions of the students indicate restlessness as they are eager to be served. They are glued to whoever they are standing behind in the line. They stand with their financial statements and receipts tightly gripped on their hands. They stand with one leg forward while the other hand is holding a phone. They are squeezed among themselves and they occupy little space. They are raising their voice at the finance staff to serve them quickly so that the line can move. They are dressed casually with most of hairstyles uncombed. They undergo psychological changes and become stressed due to the pressure of meeting the deadline and collect their examination entry cards.

School Canteen – Mid Morning – 10:00 a.m. – 30 minutes to the Sitting of an Examination paper

The school canteen is crowded with students who are looking forward to buy snacks for eating before going to the examination room. Their facial expressions indicate that they are in hurry to accomplish the buying process fast. Their voices change as they raise their volumes to the seller and they appear to talking very quickly. They hold on the shoulders of their colleagues as if they are pulling them back to surge in front of them. They body posture is leaning forward.

Library – Evening – 7:00 p.m. – 2 Days to the Beginning of Examinations

There permeates a pin-drop silence in the environment. The facial expressions of the students indicate that they are in a serious mood and they expect little or disturbances. If the students need to exchange information, they speak in low tones and volumes or through writing notes on small papers that are exchanged. They occupy little space and try to maximize it as possible as the library is filled to the brim. The students are dressed in open shoes and shabby clothes such as jumpers. They maintain focus on their books.

University Hospital – Weekend Mid-Morning Emergency –23rd April 2015

The doctors appear busy and they are rushing up and down. Their voice intonation changes from time to time with the pitch and volume exceedingly high as they try to keep the patient alive. Their facial expressions are strained although their body language and posture talk of confidence in whatever they are doing. They work under minimum time possible with collaboration and precision. The doctors are dressed in their hospitals accessories such as the cover mask, gloves and a white gown just to mention a few.