Sample Paper on State Your Mission and Vision for Your Brand/Company

About Us is a leading wholesaler and retailer of fashionable handbags specially designed with unique fabric. Our handbags come in a range of designs allowing you choose the right one that meets your fashion needs. At, we provide you with a variety of patterns, sizes, and shades that you are sure to fall in love with. Our stylish handbags are from reputable brands designed with high-quality fabric. Whether you are looking for leather, flex, canvas, or polyurethane handbag, we assure you of trendy and classic handbag that is authentic for carrying your items around. Moreover, we sell shoulder handbags that allow you to remain ahead of fashion. At, we help you to stay active with stylish sneakers whether you are a woman or a gentleman. Our wide selections of sneakers are from famous brands including Adidas, Puma, GAS, and Fila (Morris, 2008). Whether you are looking for leather, canvas, non-leather, or suede sneakers for your gym sessions or for wearing during weekends, we assure you of incredible pairs that meet your personal needs and style.

Mission statement

Our mission is to create value through provision of fashionable handbags and sneakers for all occasions and events. We strive to transform the lives of men and women by ensuring they are proud of themselves through their appearance (Morris, 2008). At, we believe in building the self-esteem of our customers so that they accomplish their potential and dreams in life.




Vision Statement

Our vision is to steer to the next phase of growth by opening up a chain of wholesale stores across the country. Furthermore, it is our objective to enhance our physical and online presence in order to become the leading store serving international markets.

Goals and Values

Our ultimate goal is to boost sales profitably. Our number two goal is automating our services in order to address customer needs effectively. Other goals include identifying and generating new customer needs and satisfying them as well as building our customers by offering friendly prices in order to keep them coming back to buy our products (Morris, 2008). Our core values include integrity, passion, commitment, respect and learning by doing.

Brand strategy tools

In order to tap the growing foreign markets, we will design a complete e-commerce site with catalogue, range of products, shopping and shipping cart as well as convenient payment methods that allow customers to have seamless and immersive shopping experiences.  Furthermore, we will leverage on blogs and e-mail marketing in order to pull customers into purchasing our products.

Staying ahead of competitors

At, we will start by identifying our key competitors in order to keep an eye on whatever they are doing. We will differentiate our business through creating some unique selling propositions as well as taking note of what marketing tools our competitors are using in order to be ahead of them. Moreover, will do everything to know its customers well so as to know whether lower prices, flexible services, or new products influence their buying behavior (Morris, 2008). Therefore, we will track the things that seem to matter to our customers through engaging with them collaboratively. Finally, we will plan for success of by leveraging on technology so as to improve efficiency and provide robust customer service to our customers regardless of where they are in terms of geographical position.



Morris, M. J. (2008). Starting a successful business: Start up and grow your own company. London: Kogan Page.