Sample Essay on Managing Organizational Culture and Change


Change is inevitable more so in production that often encounters change in market patterns. According to KNC line of production, when they introduced the fantasy bracelet, everybody was on it until the market shifted into clown noses and bouncy balls. This is clear that they have to adjust their production and promotion to march the cultural changes and for global markets. Discussed below are the steps that can help the KNC management to recover from the losses and equally compete with the emerging market trends.

Managing Organisational Culture and Change

Open environment.

This will create a platform whereby the merger attempts by the employees to improve brand should be well planned and implemented. The information can be filtered and tailored. As a leader, Patshouldhave an emotional energy which may help him to know the market demands and elements of culture that are aligned to change and attract attention of people.

Organising training programmes

Skills are required for making adjustments and this must be done by conducting cultural overhaul. This practice will help in repairing relationships and secures results by minimising the knowledge gap. The leader should have trainings and updated information distributed to the various departments. Crucial conversational training often helps by having a prenominal impact on the business.


Fatigue is when employees feel pressured to make many transactions at once. This may create the resistance of employees especially when the results are not forthcoming, this may lead to retorted development and a lot of expenses will be incurred in hiring many employees. This may make the employees shift their behaviours and will start collaborating once the managers have takenthe initiative to roll out the new strategy.

Employee engagement

Pat should engage employees by through accountability mechanisms by monitoring them in a friendlier manner. Instead of laying off the employees, he should be more aggressive in establishing structural changes and having function-wide briefings are meetings where the employees are to roll out performance, innovation and execution of their jobs. The company should have change ambassadors who will ensure that every individual has an idea about the need for change.


Conducting assessment will show how committed the employees are. This will minimise expenses andin the long run itwill help Pat in knowing how the employees have embraced the changes.


Considering the case study, it is not advisable for Pat to preserve the existing culture. The existing culture is the reason behind trailing business and therefore it is important to embrace new organization culture but preserve vital traits from the prior culture. Organizational culture and change are important elements in every business organisation. It is worth considering for the success of KNC rests on the willingness of every employee to adapt to the changes. With the cultural changes, it demands for adjustments and corporation of the employees and Pat to incorporate all the departments in ensuring the objective of the business is achieved.