Sample Coursework Paper on City Parking Finder

  • Guerilla Marketing

    We would design banners and pamphlets to be dished out within the identified areas. This would target both lower and upper-income earners. City Parking Finder would involve the massive distribution of City Parking Finder product and service literature within market malls, banks, and supermarkets by its team.

    Word of Mouth

    The City Park Finder will employ individuals to broadcast our product and services. The process would involve the use of Public Address systems and peer-to-peer crusading to spread the messaging across the neighborhood and the urban centre’s.

    Strategic Alliances

    Marketing is more like war, to create real presence; City Park Finder would stick banners and selected adverts within the leading market malls. These banners would carry our pricing and our services packages.

    Bill Boards

    In order to reach those clients who neither read nor watch TV or listen to the radio, City Park Finder shall erect billboards across the regions we identify to be potential for business.

    Public Relations

    A client means everything in any given business. Since City Park Finder’s business is more service-oriented, having well cut public relations is important. City Park Finder would employ a team dedicated to selling our services to potential clients both within and out of our premises.

    Online Market

    The use of the internet is essential. City Park Finder would place paid ads and content within popular sites such as FaceBook and Twitter. These would reach the target audience of social media enthusiasts.

    TV promotions

    City Park Finder would hire popular sports and entertainment figures to appear in our TV promos endorsing our services and products. The campaign would entail exploits of the most popular TV stations where the company would sponsor popular show to improve its market presence.

    Road Show Campaign

    To reach those who are less concerned with current events, roadshows would provide a suitable venue to sell our product and services.

    Media Relations

    Developing a positive working framework with the media would ascertain City Park Finder has positive exposure and adequate market presence.

    Social Media

    City Park Finder will run social media accounts either on Facebook, Google+ or Twitter. The aim is to reach out and share with those interested in what City Park Finder is doing.