Sample Case Study on “One person’s garbage is another’s treasure (Copmadam)”

“One person’s garbage is another’s treasure (Copmadam)”

This campaign addressed unemployed women in Turkey. It portrayed how employment can be created from sources that are often disregarded and gives an example of a woman making money out of paper wastes of unemployed women. The objective of the campaign was to help in the achievement of Unilever’ plan to improve more than a billion people’ health, wellbeing and also enable them to share their waste products though recycling by 2020. The campaign specifically had the idea of solving Turkey’s most troubling issues which are low employment among women and disposal of paper waste.

It was one of the most successful Unilever campaigns. Instead of just telling women to create jobs and be entrepreneurs, Tara Hopkins-who was then working in a Turkey University- demonstrated the initiative by her own example which made the campaign effective. She identified one problem as a solution to another which is a perfect way of simultaneously solving issues. Hopkins being a woman was able to build a relationship and influence her audience which inspired them to take initiatives and be like her. The credibility of her business is another way that made the campaign more effective because it gave the turkey women confidence in succeeding in their innovations. Perceived credibility of client organization is very important in creating a good public relation. The turkey women must have believed that Hopkins had their best interests at heart which is a good motivation to effect the campaign. More so, the fact that Tara Hopkins was living in Turkey was strategic enough because the women could identify with one of their own. The campaign was a good move to achieving the Unilevers’ plan as well as a good step to enlightening Turkey women.