Essay Sample on Press Release About the Saudi Club

Every year, the university holds up an event for the new students as a way to promote social gathering. At the same time, the students get to know one another. This is an opportunity to meet new friends and at the same time get to learn more about the university from the older students.

The event is always held up in the Saudi Club which is among the biggest social halls in the University. The hall carries about ten thousand students and is spacious enough to give them room to move around without any form of congestion. This is the reason this particular hall has served the same purpose for the college for a long period of time. There are two entry points and two large exit doors to help in minimizing congestion as people come in and go. At the same time, there are tables and chairs in the room which are easily movable to give room to any particular type of event that is to be held in the hall. This welcome event will comprise of both students and their families. It means that the new student’s family members will be with them at the event since they too will be briefed about the university rules and regulations. Nonetheless, apart from this important talk, there will be time to have fun. The event is more cultural because the meals that will be served are mainly Arabic food and Arabic music (Facebook).

To sum up, this event does not mean that the university is discriminative. On the contrary, it gives a chance to promote Arabian culture among all the students including those from diverse backgrounds. In this regard, everyone is asked to come prepared to have a Saudi cultural lifestyle and way of living in the Saudi Club.


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