Sample Research Paper on Clinton and Obama Care


The Clinton health care plan or the Hillarycare was a healthcare reform that was proposed in the year 1993 by President Bill Clinton administration. During his campaigns before he was elected the President of US, Clinton promised the citizens to change the healthcare in the nation by coming up with new reforms that would make the situation easy (Robin, 2007). His main plan was to provide a plan that was comprehensive to offer universal health care for the Americans which he believed would be a foundation to build his agenda and improve his administration.

When the policy began

In the year 1993, Clinton decided to hold a public speech majoring on health care and made proposals for employers to offer health care insurance to its employees. On the other hand, the president wanted to make health care affordable and assured the audience that the new policy or reform will ensure that they are all covered. Clinton explored that unless everyone in the nation is covered, then the cost on healthcare will continue to be high in the nation. The only way in which the inflation in the economy could be broken was through heath care cover. He also noted that the federal government will have to compel every consumer to buy insurance while at the same time force the employers to provide health cover for its employees. According to Clinton, it was the mandate of every employer to ensure that all the workers were fully covered to take care of their health issues or problems (Robin, 2007). He also noted that there were some individuals who will end up paying more compared to others.

However, Clinton’s health care proposal was highly opposed by the health insurance industry, the conservatives and the libertarians who believed that it was controversial thus they would not support it (Wilson, 2015). They decided to seek the public’s support to reject the proposal a plan which ended up being successful.

Context of the problem

Later the health care proposal was dropped but the situation in the nation become worse. By the year 2009, there was still strong oppositions from the political environment which people believed would reject the Obama Care proposal plans (Gottlieb, 2015). However, the nation had budget deficits that were too high because of the increased spending on healthcare. On the other hand, there was health care crisis in the country which the reformers thought needed prompt change. Some people began to oppose the idea of reforming the system because they considered it as a fix unsustainable issue that could not be resolved (Gottlieb, 2015). The Obama administration never gave up and did not consider the obstacles instead continued to spread its health care policies across the nation hoping to win the battle of healthcare reforms.

Nevertheless, the poor state of health care in the nation led to the passing of the 2010 enactment regarding Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. This marked a new chapter in the health politics in the nation. It became the most important health care law that had been passed in the nation since the year 1965. It broke the poor incrementalism cycle that had been governing the health care policy in US for a period of about four decades. The passing of the bill was considered as a major accomplishment to the Democratic Congressional leadership especially President Barrack Obama.

Effectiveness of the policy

Millions of people have managed to benefit from the Obamacare which was passed into law in the year 2010. Today, more American own health insurance. Several studies have shown that about 16 million Americans managed to obtain health insurance after the act was signed into law. Majority of those who became insured were adults who are working. On the other hand, the poor people also managed to acquire health insurance which has helped reduce the cost of spending on health in the country.

Another important aspect that can be noted is the cost of healthcare which is more affordable today. The Obamacare ensured that the insurance companies set a limit that was reasonable to enable people to afford them. It is important to note that insurance in the nation is not free but it is affordable to an extent that allows people to acquire them easily. On the other hand, the act changed the way in which people were insured in the nation by insurance companies. Today, people with health conditions that are pre-existing can also be covered. Individuals who are suffering from diseases such as cancer are now able to acquire health insurance for treatment which is a little bit expensive especially for the poor people (Roland, 2015).

The other feature that has improved since the health care reforms were initiated is the fact that it ensured that there are no types of limits on the care offered to patients. In the past, individuals who were suffering from chronic diseases such as cancer had a limit to care that they would receive because of the cost. Today, insurance companies no longer have the power to limit the level of coverage on particular patients (Roland, 2015). On the other hand, the drug costs are also lower today because of the health care reforms in the nation.


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