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Sample Paper on Public Administration

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Sample Paper on Public Administration
Answer to question 1

            The effect of aging out of trustees, donors, and volunteers to any charity organization is of greater concern as it simply indicates an inevitable change that an organization ought to ponder about as soon as possible. Ideally, charitable organizations such as an arts charity have a perpetual existence in a manner that outs the administration on toes to seek for a bright future of such an organization. Aging out of existing members signifies a need to embrace change in terms of bringing in fresh blood in a bid to tap on their interests and resources for the future of the organization. Therefore, to maintain a sufficient number of trustees, donors, and volunteers, there is a corresponding need to continually attract young people.

             Arriving as the new development officer at the arts, charity organization only to realize that the existing members are aging out will undoubtedly pose a great challenge. The best alternative will however be courting new subscribers of young age to involve them in the charity program through their contributions for the success of the organization. As such, I shall have to come up with lucrative initiatives with reliable strategies to get younger generations widely involved in the organization. Essentially, this will involve aggressive advertising campaigns seeking to sensitize and mobilize as many young people as possible to join the organization. Advertisement initiative will incorporate a number of programs seeking to persuade and lure many young donors, trustees, and volunteers for a sustainable support of the charity. The advertisement will feature a number of public figures and celebrities with a remarkable reputation as far as their interests in giving back to the society are concerned. The advertisement will target a significant number of young people while focusing on the inherent characteristics as regards to their willingness and ability to support the charity.

            Additionally, I shall spearhead the development of membership programs in a bid to create groups that will garner members by incorporating both advertisement and referrals. Consequently, members will be educated through special ticket prices and social events where they will get the privilege to learn about the needs of the organization and how vital their contribution is for the success of the organization. As time goes by, the members grow financially and resourcefully strong to be able to give more and support the organization to its desired heights. Other ways to solicit young people into joining the charity will be using numerous communication channels such as the social media and e-mails, forming a fundraising pool with small and easily affordable contributions to attract young people, and preserving certain positions for young professionals to give them an opportunity to take up active roles in the organization. All these initiatives will play a great role in bringing in as many young people as possible to ensure the future success of the charity.

Answer to question 2

             For any charitable donor, it can be challenging especially when one does not know when to give or not to give. For Farmer Joe who is a dedicated philanthropy, he needs some advice on how best to give while living while making sure that he has enough for his four children in terms of his saving and the farm. As a planned giving officer working for a social service organization that feeds the poor and knowing how crucial Farmer Joe’s contribution to the success of the charity is concerned, I need to provide him with solid facts and ideas to help him make an informed decision as far as accomplishing his philanthropic and personal goals are concerned. First, I would recommend Joe to keep his farming spirit on and invest more on the farm. This will include diversification of the crops he grows including the efficient use of manure and other farming facilities and equipment to minimize costs and maximize on the returns. This would involve effective planning and forecasting for the sake of fulfilling his philanthropic and personal goals. Besides, he will be able to continue saving for his children while donating to help feed his poor community. In addition, I would recommend Joe to stay true to his personal framework to avoid the possibility of losing focus and diluting his efforts. This will ensure that Joe gains a sustainable sense of his philanthropic and personal goals as time goes by. Having, been endowed with the gift of farming, Joe can accomplish whatever goal he has for as long as he stays focused despite the changing times and the accompanying hurdles.

            As regards to his philanthropic and personal goals, Joe has several options including the possibility of giving out his gift to the charity amounting to $1M now from his $2 M savings through cold cash or by writing a check while continue farming and saving more for his family as well as donating the surplus. The rest of the money can remain in the bank to continue earning interest until that time Farmer Joe will decide to divide his wealth among his four children including the farm. This will give him a chance to plan effectively and still give more in the future. He will be able to meet his pledge as promised and still make his donations as usual; because he owns a profitable farm and that, he is a loyal donor.

            Continuous cultivation of his farm will also yield significant annual returns and generate more profits that he can save as long as he wishes. Alternatively, Joe can still stick to his ten years pledge through annual installments until he completes all within the same period while still able to earn interest on the remaining amount. While in his farming activities, Joe will be able to make profits and continue saving in his account for the future of his four children. He will still afford his annual donation of food to feed the poor in his community. The charity will count Joe’s gift in its current campaign as an income pledge fully payable at the end of ten years as promised by Joe.

Answer to question 3

            The challenges in running a newly international charity are manifested in the organization’s ability not just in building an effective team but essentially in the organization’s ability to raise funds for the intended program. As the first development officer, raising funds is my priority for the success of the program especially because our aid is directed towards helping third world countries eradicate malaria, which is certainly an expensive endeavor. Initial steps will involve gathering an effective team dedicated to see through the success of the charity. This among other strategies such as developing a strategic plan will include liaising with the key international agencies and build as many relationships as possible to create a good rapport that will create more avenues for us to source funds more quickly and effectively. Because the charity needs to begin raising money quickly in order for success, our main strategy will be to target a significantly wide audience through a wide range of channels including social websites, friends and relatives, donors, volunteer solicitors, and through organizing events at small entry fees in a bid to attract more audiences.

            The social media channel offers a reliable platform for launching our fundraising campaigns where we can easily grow, engage and mobilize a large group of people to support our course where we can easily place our advertisements and tell our story through a strong voice and valuable content. This will significantly help us raise a huge sum of money within a short period irrespective of how much each contributes. Friends and relatives as well as donors can form a large pool of fundraisers to see through the success of the charity because of their generous heart of giving bountifully. Events as well form another reliable way to raise quick money and done even in the very countries that we look forward to help in the fight against malaria. As such, we shall arrange major cultural events targeting a large bevy of individuals from diverse social backgrounds to raise significant amounts of money within a short period.

Answer to question 4

            Pledge payment can be hard sometimes due to various factors that affect a donor. One can fail to meet his or her promise due to one reason or the other and this can significantly affect the plans and activities. In the case of the donor for an environmental organization in the Bronx where I work as a development officer, the situation is tricky due to uncertainty in the stock market as far as volatility in the market is concerned.

            As such, depending on the donor despite her being the main donor will hamper my mission to clean up the water and empty lost throughout the borough. This is because, the more we wait the more expensive the exercise will prove to be and hence an imminent ultimate failure. To accomplish my mission, effective planning and setting up of reliable strategies is paramount. Therefore, I will join hands with the organization close by who specializes in developing community gardens in the Bronx. Both organizations will sit and agree on the terms and conditions of our relationship to work towards the same course in a bid to ensure we both accomplish our missions at the end of a certain period by sharing the costs rather than incurring the same when our source of funds is not consistent. Besides, we will rely on their expertise and work force as well to ensure efficient use of resources and save others for other development activities in the future.    



Answers to bonus questions

B1. When soliciting a major gift, one should ask for 1-5 percent of an individual’s net worth.

B2. Over the course of a campaign, 90 percent of your donors will make up 95% of your total gifts

B3. LYBUNT is an abbreviation for Last Year But Unfortunately Not This. It is used to prepare reports in a bid to determine the donors’ contribution pattern. On the other hand, the abbreviation SYBUNT means Some Year But Unfortunately Not This and is used for the same purpose as LYBUNT.


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Sample Paper on Public Administration

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Sample Paper on Public Administration

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