Sample Essay on Speech Delivery

Part One

The speaker delivering the speech is Prince Williams of the United Kingdom. He is giving a manuscript type of speech. In the process of giving his speech, he reads every sentence from a pre-written speech, earlier by his assistance. For the purpose of gaining attention, the event organizers have availed microphones for Prince Williams to use, with various huge speakers for public address. There was a high presence of internal preview, especially at the stage where he was giving the speech form (Williams). The audiences were on the other side, in front of the stage, where they could easily hear and view the speaker as they take him some photos.

The speaker has made use of topical organization strategy; he has supported his evidence by use of topical order despite having a clear timeline, by use of transitions and signposts. He has made a real conclusion, impressing his audiences and receiving a lot of claps. His verbal delivery has been quite good though no use nonverbal delivery. As a fact, I enjoyed his speech, since he was quite audible, well-chosen words as well using two languages; French and English.


Part Two

The speaker is delivering the speech Dalton Sherman Keynote, which was written by John Dahlander (Sherman). It is an extemporaneous type of speech, with the young having already conducted careful planning and preparedness. The audience organizers have made use of public address, whereby the young boy has been provided with a microphone, making him audible enough to attract the attention of his audience. There was a high presence of internal preview, with the stage being centered and 20,000 adults, who are the audience, occupying the seats surrounding the high illuminated stage; full of lights.

There is an overall use of chronological organization in the speech, with the boy sequentially presenting the order of occurrence, as well as the procedure. The speaker has made use of transitions, with a perfect conclusion, making the whole speech to be highly entertaining with a lot of cheers from his audience. He has embraced complete verbal delivery, being very audible, as well as using nonverbal delivery, which has helped him convey the whole message as intended for the targeted 20,000 seated adults. I enjoyed the speech; having a ten-year-old delivering a public speech in front of 20,000 adults, with lots of courage, perfect grammar with numerous questions that motivated the audience towards his speech.



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