Sample Coursework Paper on the Importance of Strategic Planning

The description of the Urban League of Palm Beach

The Urban League of Palm Beach is one of the organizations set to offer services that entails economic, education, youth and community and health empowerment to individuals across the boundaries of the community. The organization is set purposely to meet the needs of the disadvantaged minorities in securing economic self-reliance by proving housing, education and employment opportunities through counseling and training programs. The organization has also empowered different communities in addressing the youth crime intervention as well as prevention measures.

Why strategic planning is relevant to Urban League of Palm Beach County.

The Urban League of Palm Beach County needs to review its strategic plan as it acts as a guideline, provides a sense of direction of what activities to carry out, and outlines deliverable goals for the organization. The strategic planning, therefore, defines the mission and setting up of the deliverable goals in ensuring that the action plan set in achieved within the stipulated period (Swayne, Duncan and Ginter, 2012).

The Mission

The strategic planning always starts by defining the organization’s mission. The mission statement for Urban League of Palm Beach is to empower and change lives of individuals in the communities. The mission is of great importance to the organization since it incorporates the ideas with the practical strategies to ensure that the management team and other employees align their action plan towards the direction of the defined vision (Jennings and Disney, 2006). The Urban League of Palm Beach, therefore, should set its strategic mission broadly to give guidance both to management and support staff in focusing on their efforts towards achieving the objectives. The actionable mission for Urban League of Palm Beach should be to provide education, leadership development, housing, employment and addressing youth crime intervention to individuals in the community.

Setting Goals

The strategic planning process can determine the measurable goals for the organization. It is evident that the measurable goals provide a concrete objective and action plan within a given timeline. Such goals are of great importance to the Urban League of Palm Beach since they will help leaders and employees to evaluate the progress of the initiated programs as well as the pace of the developments. The goal for Urban League of Palm Beach would be to increase the number of individuals in different communities by thirty-five percent (35%) in ensuring that education programs youth empowerment reach every member.

The critical components of the organization’s strategic planning process and their relevance in terms of missions and goals.

The strategic planning process encompasses the development of organization’s mission statement, objectives and conducting a situational analysis, which involves an analysis of both external and internal environment (David and David, 2016). The internal environment includes the financial and technological resources as well as the performance of the personnel. On the hand, external environment would involve an analysis of competitors in the market, as these would affect the decisions Urban League of Palm Beach makes towards achieving its objectives. The understanding of each component of the strategic plan (the mission statement, goals, the vision, project plan and budgetary plan) is essential since it provides a future guideline for an organization. The strategic planning process gives a clear picture on how the organization strategizes its plans towards achieving its goals and mission.



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